Guest Writer: MARYSIA ZIPSER, Act Group 

Photos: Marysia Zipser, Roberto Alborghetti, Christopher Frost, Jeanie Barton, Caron Jane-Lyon


On Friday 10th March, Nottingham City and Beeston welcomed Roberto Alborghetti, celebrated author, journalist, visual artist and official biographer of Pope Francis, on the occasion of the 3rd public showing, and second anniversary, of THE GHOST BUS short film.

The film entitled ‘Epic Voyage’, produced and presented by Roberto in collaboration with Bartons plc and ACT Int’l Group (Art Culture Tourism), was first shown in March 2015 at Bartons, Chilwell, gaining impressive recognition and publicity in Nottingham and around the world. Its second public showing and Italian premiere took place at Piancastagnaio, Siena Province in October 2015.

The GHOST BUS and Roberto returned on Friday for a series of presentations. The first showing took place at Nottingham City Council House (Members Lounge) after Roberto had the pleasure to meet and talk with the Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Councillor Mohammed Saghir, in his Parlour.

The Lord Mayor sent this message to Roberto: “Thank you so much for coming out to visit our city, one of the best in the World. I am glad you enjoyed your visit and am looking forward to welcoming you whenever you visit our city again. Look after yourself and take care. Regards, The Right Worshipful The Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Councillor Mohammed Saghir. You are always welcome Roberto!”

Barbara Barton, who accompanied her daughter Jeanie O’Shea, with Roberto, Marysia Zipser (Founder of ACT) and Caron Lyon into the Lord Mayor’s Parlour, said: “I’ve lived in Nottingham all my life and never been to see the Lord Mayor before or even seen the inside of the Council House! My thanks to all concerned as I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and the films really made my mind creative as I was seeing things in the patterns and colours which were in my imagination. Fascinating!”

After the showing of the short film, together with Ghost Bus “Seaside Town” (music composed/performed by the Barton family) and “Can I think of Love?” (Colours Nottingham) composed /sung by Jeanie Barton to the colourful images of Nottingham streets captured by Roberto, the few guests were taken on a wonderful tour of the 1929 Council House building.

Then on for more creative space, relaxation and tasty food at THiNK: at Cobden Chambers, Pelham Street, in the city centre, before departing for Beeston and the Ghost Bus films second presentation at Rudyards Tea House in the evening. Ghost Bus friends and guests then took a few steps further up the High Street to L’Oliva, Italian bar & bistro for a relaxed get-together. L’Oliva is now a firm favourite venue of Roberto’s whenever he visits Beeston, as this was his 4th time from Italy.

The GHOST BUS Project has been travelling and spanning bridges across UK – Italy since 2015, and now across the world with its sustainable art, cultural and tourism collaborations. The Ghost Bus film trailer says, “Can you believe this Art is from an old bus?” Images of Maps, Lands, Horizons and Skies on the bus are transferred in their natural state into ‘abstract’ art via macro-photographic lens by Roberto Alborghetti. So the visual adventures from the Land of Robin Hood continue…because the road never ends.

  • The Ghost Bus short film was also presentated at Chilwell School thanks to collaboration with the headteacher, Ian Brierly. In the wonderful “Chilwell Arts Theatre” Marysia Zipser lectured on Thursday 9th to all of Year 7s (about 150 x 11 year olds). But this is another story…


Further information:
Roberto has just published the 4th volume of his best selling biographical works on Pope Francis: “FRANCESCO”, 2013, 2015, 2017, Editrice Velar, 24020 Gorle BG, Italy.

Also his latest Italian bestseller is called “PRONTO? SONO IL LIBROFONINO! A cell phone tells stories of smombies, smartphones and cyber-bullies, Copyright: 2017 Nuovi Quindici 24020 Gorle BG, Italy





Two years after the film premiere at Bartons Plc, the “Ghost Bus” is back to the Land of Robin Hood with two days that celebrate the success of a visual art project born and developed in Nottingham, Chilwell and Beeston by Roberto Alborghetti, Simon Barton (Bartons Plc), Marysia Zipser and ACT Group (Art Culture Tourism). It’is another opportunity to approach and the “Ghost Bus” and its amazing world. Here are the key moments of the program curated by Marysia Zipser


Friday 10th March

12.00 – 12.30    Meet and talk with Lord Mayor of the City of Nottingham at Nottingham City Council House and presentation to Roberto of 1929 book published for the official opening.

Presentation by Roberto to the Lord Mayor of one of his best selling volumes of Pope Francis.  With Photo Call

12.30 – 13.30   Presentation by Roberto Alborghetti and 3rd public showing of THE GHOST BUS film and showing of “Can I Think of Love?” by Jeanie Barton (Colours of Nottingham Streets)  FREE ENTRY by invitation EventBrite/Facebook & email

Venue:  Members Lounge (now called the ‘Weddings Registry’ room)  50 pax allowed + few extra if need be. With Projector and screen in situ

13.30 – 14.00   For Roberto, Tour of the Council House completed 1929, and opened by HRH Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII and the Duke of Windsor) on 22 May 1929            

14.30 – 15.30    Press Conference with invited journalists/writers                       Photo Call

Venue:  THInk: Creative meeting space in Nottingham city centre, Cobden Place, Cobden Chambers, off Pelham Street, Nottingham NG1 2ED   Contact: Jeanne and Emma, Directors of THINK:


Back to Beeston

18.00 – 19.30    2 showings/sittings of 25 pax each  of

THE GHOST BUS short film & showing of video “Can I Think of Love?” by Jeanie Barton (Colours of Nottingham Streets),   (Total 17 mins)

Venue: RUDYARDS TEA HOUSE, High Street, Beeston    FREE ENTRY by invitation EventBrite/Facebook & email

18.20     1st showing/allocated seating

18.55     2nd showing/allocated seating

From 19.00 –     MEET AND GREET Roberto Alborghetti at

Venue:  L’OLIIVA, High Street, Beeston – Bar/bistro/Italian specialities

O/Night The Star Inn, Beeston


Saturday 11th March

10.00 – 12.00    Invitation to BEESTON residents to come and talk with Roberto, at The Star Inn, The Snug Room


For Infos: Marysia Zipser, Founder/CEO Art Culture Tourism, Beeston, Nottingham, UK, Mob:   07899 798487.







I’m so glad today to make public this video, “Seaside Town”, from “The Ghost Bus” project, with the participation of Bartons Plc and Act Group. It’s one of the two short films I created  after my visit at Bartons Plc, in the former bus depot in High Rd, Chilwell-Beeston, in Nottingham (UK). I was deeply impressed by one of the oldest buses,  the so called “Ghost Bus”, a piece of history of English public transport: a URR 865 vehicle AEC Reliance made in 1956! Simon Barton me that a vehicle-sister of the bus was documented in 1959 on a wonderful  film of a Bartons Road Cruise Holiday taken in Italy in 1959. The film is  in glorious Kodachrome colour made by professional film maker Bill Freeman.


I was stricken by the story of Bartons Buses. They were the first bus company to have continental holidays by coach and also they had heaters on their pre-war Leylands. And Bartons was the first company to provide their drivers and conductors with a uniform fit for them to go to church in… As “The Nottingham Post” stated: “ There’s only one Turbine Hall, and it’s in Tate Modern in London. But if Nottingham has an equivalent then it would have to be the former Bartons bus depot in Chilwell, where a history of labour and bare concrete and metal provide an appropriate backdrop for sprawling exhibitions such as Carnival of Monsters”.

So I began to create, processing and selectin’ hundreds of pictures I took that day (October 2014) around the old bus… Trasforming and turning pictures of ripped and decomposed publicity posters (on outdoor billboards), natural and random cracks and scratches, industrial crevices and deteriorations into “art subjects”. This is the aim (and the challenge) of my research-action (named “Lacer/actions”) which investigates, analizes and exploits the in-credible dimension of decomposition, decay, degradation and mutation of outdoor advertisings, urban structures and industrial materials, as The Ghost Bus.


My whole concept is “making art” from industrial deconstructionism, caught on camera, on macro scale. My shots actually capture the randomness of deconstructionism, letting the picture tell the story.  I catch and document the reality.  And I don’t change what I see.  There’s nothing contrived, or worked in… I love showing what I see. I always catch the flakes of paint in their true state and experience the environment while I’m shooting the pictures. Yes, I know that many people spend hours trying to create  in Photoshop, preferring to manipulate images to their preconceived ideas.  They construct what the viewer sees, whereas I prefer to allow the viewer to construct their own conclusions about the pictures.



For the first film “Epic Voyage”, which lasts 13 minutes, I choose a powerful and stately soundtrack composed and performed by Audiomachine. The flow of images are grouped into four themes (Maps, Lands, Horizons and Skies), they are illustrated by a number of citations on the ‘journey’, penned by great authors of world literature, from Kerouac to Hemingway.

The second film is 6 minutes in length and entitled “Seaside Town”. It is set to a soundtrack composed, arranged and performed by Simon, Richard, James and Tom Barton, who have participated with great enthusiasm in the project. Their soundtrack is emotive and highlights the human history of this vehicle and the hundreds of thousands of miles the bus travelled bringing pleasure to so many people.

For these short films I worked on details and particulars. Few centimeters of rusty iron surface reveal palettes of landscapes, dawns and sunsets. Or – as I’d like to say – the revolt of the skies… I think that every image may be considered a sort of a singular visual artwork.  That’s the reason why, for the “Seaside Town” film, I choose to show them in frames, while splashes of watercolors dot the background of the pics, creating a colorful kaleidoscope effect.

We made “The Ghost Bus” experience not for a commercial purpose. We did it for the joy to create, to tell and to share, building bridges of collaboration and friendship between people, Countries and the world wide web. Since the moment we started to put on line some pics, flyers, cards series and video trailers, lot of people across the world have been expressing, thinking and commenting on the Ghost Bus project. This is the power of visual and musical arts. This is the wonder of a family history, the Bartons. This is the beauty of what human beings can do through creativity and mutual cooperation.

My warmest thanks to those who made possible these dream and project: Simon Barton and his family, Richard, James and Tom, Fiona barton, Jeanie Barton, Marysia Zipser, founder of Act Group, to fellow bloggers and journalists who supported the two films premieres we had in Chilwell (March 2015) end on Mount Amiata (Piancastagnaio, Siena) in Tuscany (October 2015).  As I quoted in the Ghost Bus short film, “the road never ends…”






Trailer about the smashing short film #2 “The Ghost Bus / Seaside Town”, from “The Ghost Bus” project presented by Bartons PLC, Act Group and Roberto Alborghetti. A special World Premiere on line on December 15, 2016. Soundtrack of the “Seaside Town” shortfilm composed, arranged and performed by James,Richard, Simon and Tom Barton. Save the date! A great visual adventure in the Land of Robin Hood.

About “The Ghost Bus” project:





“Lacer/actions”  is a visual project-research I created about  abstract photos of decomposed publicity posters, natural cracks and scratches, urban and industrial matters…

The macro-photos of this video were taken at the ancient and impressive buildings at Bartons Plc (Chilwell Nottingham, UK) during my recent visit in January 2016 (it is the same place where I saw the wonderful vintage bus for “The Ghost Bus” project). Other photos come from the area of Beeston Marina.

Thanks for the collaboration to Simon, Tom and James Barton (Bartons PLC). Soundtrack: Essence 2 by Audionautix.

© Roberto Alborghetti - Lacer/actions

© Roberto Alborghetti – Lacer/actions




Videoclip by Roberto Alborghetti; Soundtrack: “Day One” by Audiomachine. Scenes from a creative experience which involved autistic and disabled kids in Aprilia, Latina (Rome area, Italy). Led by teacher Patrizia Sapri, they worked to reproduce the abstract photos taken by Roberto Alborghetti around the old and rusty bus at Bartons Plc (Beeston – Nottingham, UK) for the Ghost Bus Project, “A visual adventure in the Land of Robin Hood” by Roberto Alborghetti, Bartons Plc and ACT Group. Next project: “Taking the Blue Moon” basing on the drawing by Mitrani Yarden for Hopes Project.

Drawings for The Ghost Bus

Drawings for The Ghost Bus


Yes, the road never ends for THE GHOST BUS PROJECT by Roberto Alborghetti, Marysia Zipser, Act Group, Simon Barton and Bartons Plc. The photo by Christopher Frost about the event of last MARCH 27, 2015 (premiere of the two short films) is PHOTO OF THE YEAR! Congratulations to friend and fellow journalist Christopher Frost for this great achievement which is also a great new for The GHOST BUS PROJECT and for the Team who worked hard to develop it.
Read Christopher Frost article on:


The City Daily Photo theme for January is ‘your best photo of the year’. So for my entry I’m going with this one that I took on 27th March.

It’s probably not the best photo that I’ve taken during 2015, but it’s one that has the most relevance for me for a number of reasons.

This is Barton’s ‘Ghost Bus’. An old rusted and decayed coach that was built in the 1950s and has spent the last 20 odd years in a farmers field. Only to be rescued and brought back to their garage in Chilwell.

I saw an advert for an event at Barton’s that was featuring the bus, so I went along, as I had seen it before. But in the daytime, and wondered what it would look like in the dark. The event included a screening of a short film that had been created by Italian visual artist Roberto Alborghetti, and based on close up photos that Roberto had taken of the Ghost Bus.

After the show, I got to interview Roberto for the Beestonian magazine that I write for. In fact someone else was meant to be covering the event, but couldn’t make it, so I did it instead. Serendipity I think they call it. Roberto was pleased with the article and I have been his friend ever since. I also made friends with Marysia, the organiser of the event.

To cut a long story short, this friendship resulted in Gail & I going to Tuscany in October with Marysia, her son and four other travelling companions. Besides seeing different parts of Italy, one of the aims was to get Tuscany twinned with Beeston. To help this along we met two mayors and Marysia presented them with a ‘Beeston goody bag’ which contained a copy of the Beestonian, a locally produced lace shawl, some postcard and a scale model of the Ghost Bus itself.

I’m not sure if any progress has been made with the twinning, but Gail and I both agree that we loved seeing Tuscany and plan to make many more visits to Italy.