Welcome to Eindhoven, the heart of the southern Netherlands. Once an industrial centre for the country, Eindhoven has reinvented itself as the hip and stylish design capital and became a centre of innovation. There’s much to discover in Eindhoven, so let the fifth-largest city in the Netherlands surprise you!

The city is fairly compact, so a walking or bike tour would be the best way to take in the sights. The best place to start any sort of tour of Eindhoven is the Markt, which lies south of the main train station. This is the heart of the city, and the pedestrian-only streets surrounding it from the city centre.

If you had south through shopping street Rechtestraat, you will end up at the Catharinaplein with the impressive St. Catherine’s Church. That hallowed site marks the start of Stratumseid see Nightlife. Continuing south, you will cross the Dommel River, which offers plenty of riverside paths as well as green areas.

Eindhoven is the heartland of Dutch design. The internationally renowned Design Academy draws students from all over the country and the world, and the annual October “Dutch Design Week” is synonymous with the city. Places like Onomatopee and Yksi have regular exhibitions and projects on design while Design Daily’s and many other shops have Dutch Design available for sale. But there’s much more to Eindhoven than just design.

Contemporary art lovers will love a visit to the Van Abbemuseum, which hosts temporary collections of Dutch and foreign artists. Other art spots include the Temporary Art Centre and MU. The Philips museum shows how this Eindhoven company evolved from a small lamp manufacturer into a large multinational and the recently opened PSV Museum shows the present and the past of the 100 year old soccer club. DAF Museum is an interesting stop for both adults and kids, featuring 120 historic cars on display. This truck company is one of the few automotive brands originating from the Netherlands. With this Guide you get a €2 discount on the entry fee. Finally, if the kids are into exploring even more, plan a trip De Ontdekfabriek. In this former factory, kids can come up with their own technological inventions.


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I been recently in Holland. I travelled along the country, from Brabant region to Amsterdam. I love the dutch landscapes, they’re so relaxing… I saw obviously  torn posters and other urban signs that I like to catch and to document for my “Lacer/actions” art project. It happened in Eindhoven, Utrecht and Leiden. And also along Amsterdam streets and canals I captured lot of images, absolutely realistic, as all the others 35.000 pics I collected so far.

I think the beautiful dutch city reveals itself also through ripped poster and ads you may see in hidden corners. You have only to keep up your attention and perception… I gathered interesting and capturing imageries that are really part of colors, shapes and moods of the so called “Venice of Northern Europe”.

So, here some of my artworks comin’ from my personal open air art gallery that I discovered and managed along Amsterdam streets. With a special series of other 6 images I’ve also created a videoclip – “Light (de)signs” – with the fascinating sound of Jap Jap, an Amsterdam based composer, musician, producer and performer (link below).

Roberto Alborghetti