The war on the terrible worldwide spread of covid-19 is played mainly through personal behavior and with the response of our immune system through the great role of antibodies. This is the plot of a story in episodes that in Italy is involving many schools and students. Everything takes place through blogs and social networks. This beautiful and engaging initiative was launched by a young and lively publishing company, Funtasy, which specializes in innovative activities for the schools and children.

Funtasy Publishing is proposing to the Italian kids and schools a story in episodes, entitled “The day when Cattivirus was knocked out” (Cattivirus means “bad virus“). The aim is to involve teachers, families and children in an activity during the national coronavirus emergency days. The story that I wrote – illustrated by Eleonora Moretti – in each episode proposes the invitation to make drawings. The initiative is having great success, with thousands of drawings sent to Funtasy and Okay! magazine. There is a desire in children to beat the virus, Cattivirus, with everyone’s commitment. Because this battle is not won individually, but all together.

Here are some of the drawings received from Italian Schools: the theme is: “Antibodies against covid-19”  For info:


La guerra alla terribile diffusione mondiale del covid-19 è giocata soprattutto attraverso i comportamenti personali e con la risposta del nostro sistema immunitario attraverso il grande ruolo degli anticorpi. Questa la trama di una storia a puntate che in Italia sta coinvolgendo tantissime scuole e studenti. Tutto si svolge attraverso blog e i social network. Questa bellissima e coinvolgente iniziativa è stata lanciata da una giovane e vivace compagnia editrice, Funtasy, specializzata in attività innovative per il mondo della scuola e dei ragazzi.

Fantasy sta proponendo ai ragazzi italiani una storia a puntate, intitolata “Il giorno in cui Cattivirus finì ko”. L’obiettivo è quello di coinvolgere docenti, famiglie e bambini in una attività durante le giornate di emergenza nazionale del coronavirus. La storia, illustrata da Eleonora Moretti, in ogni puntata propone l’invito di realizzare disegni. L’iniziativa sta avendo un grande successo. C’è la voglia nei ragazzi di battere il virus, Cattivirus, con l’impegno di tutti. Perchè questa battaglia non si vince singolarmente, ma tutti insieme. Ecco alcuni dei disegni pervenuti dai ragazzi italiani.



“Believe it or not, all things have a story. A voice indeed”.

This message that can be read on the back of the cover of “Marcellina and the shop of the suspended time” (in Italian: “Marcellina e la bottega del tempo sospeso), my new book – published by Funtasy Editrice with the graphic by Eleonora Moretti – as a gift for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

The publication brings the reader into an almost fantastic dimension, in a sort of modern fairy tale focused on Marcellina Pinzi Pinzuti, extraordinary character of Amiata, owner of a historical shop that has been in the medieval  town of Abbadia San Salvatore for sixty years. (Siena).

The cover of the new book “Marcellina e la bottega del tempo sospeso”, di Roberto Alborghetti, Funtasy Editrice. Cover by Eleonora Moretti.

For the territories of Mount Amiata, in Tuscany, Siena Country,  Marcellina is a very important person. A sort of symbol. An institution. She runs an old and incredible shop – Pinzi Pianzuti – along Via Cavour, in Abbadia San Salvatore. But it’s not correct saying “shop”. It’s a real emporium of creativity and imagination, where everything can be found, where an incredibile number of things are exposed in a cheerfully confusion, but everything at your fingertips, in a clever logic that only Marcellina knows.

As reported in the book, Marcellina is the great animator of this fascinating place, where you can travel back in time, looking for an old object, an ornament, a tin toy, an old book, a cloth, a teapot , a ceramic plate, calendars, food locally produced, as the wines of the Organic Farm Pinzi Pinzuti. Yes, it’s a magic cave, open till late, and whose lights are shed on the outside, like to recall the hasty passers. It’s impossible not to be enchanted by this place, where time seems to stand still, together with Marcellina, who welcomes you with ease, knowing how suggest you in purchases, with great discretion and kindness.

So, this book leads you in this unbelievable world that we thought no longer existed, because gone with the advent of technology. As I wrote in the book, at Marcellina shop we can retrieve the value of the magical things. And it’s really great in these times which are running very fast and seem to drag all away, pushing us to lose the sense of the objects, the flavor of the memory.

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“Social or dis-social?” is the title of my new book, soon to be published in Italy by Funtasy Editrice. I believe it is the first book that tells the youngest people, in a clear and sincer way, what is wrong with the indiscriminate abuse of the social networks and digital technologies. “Measure your way of being (well) in the Net”: this is the subtitle of the book, addressed to the people “Under 14” and presented with beautiful graphics and a very attractive design made by the illustrator Eleonora Moretti. Above: the video that promotes the book. For information: