This is my new work for “Lacer/actions” project. It’s a collage made on a table using 1.258 waste-paper pieces of torn and decomposed outdoor advertisings. I gathered every single paper pieces along the streets, after the old publicity posters were torn down from the billboards. I titled it : “The Symptomatology Of Instability (Waves On Waves)”. It covers a wood table; sizes: cms 108 x 51. I think images speak better than words…

About “Lacer/Actions” project…

LaceR/Actions is a multidisciplinary project and research about the apparent chaos of ripped and decomposed publicity posters, natural cracks, scratches and urban and industrial signs (during my research around the world  I  collected so far about 50.000 images). Transferred on canvases, reproduced on lithographic prints or textiles (as pure silk), re-built on collages or scanned in videoclips, the images of torn and disfigured posters and natural cracks give new meanings and expressions to paper lacerations and matter decomposition.

One of my most recent shows (“Colors of an Apocalypse: An Intrigue for the Eyes and Mind from the Decomposed Publicity Posters”) was displaced for 100 days in the enchanting Aldobrandesca Fortress (XIII Century) in Tuscany (Piancastagnaio, Siena, Italy). In the last two years I was on these projects:  “Contemplations and Lacer/actions” (album, videoclip, installations, inspired by Thomas of Bergamo Scripts, 1563-1631), “Atelier of Colors and Emotions” (a project which involved autistic kids), “Lacer/actions on Aluminium” (11 installations for Fai Private Collection, Italy). My works are part of Contemporary Art Collection (Mercatello sul Metauro, Marche, Italy) and participating to “An Exhibition, a Restoration” in Norcia (Umbria, Italy) from July 12 to September 7, 2014.

Now I’m working on “The Ghost Bus” project, in collaboration with Bartons Plc and Act Group, Beeston, Nottingham, UK; all on board from January 2015…


Student work from the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Finland will be on display at the Milan Furniture Fair from 9 to 14 April 2013. The name of the exhibition, Norther, refers to a sudden and stabbing north wind – it brings with it fresh design and fashion ideas from young northern designers of the future.

The exhibition contains a representative selection of student work in furniture design, ceramics and glass art, industrial design, textile art, fashion and clothing design. A total of 26 students with different levels of training showcase their work in Milan, some of which have already gained attention at international design events.

The works selected for the exhibition are the best of our degree programmes. They reflect the philosophy of our teaching, which combines an original artistically strong vision with insightful technical implementation” says Professor Jouko Järvisalo from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. “ We are going to Milan with an eye catching, versatile collection which we believe will stand out favourably from the crowd. Our education in design is of a very high standard internationally and domestically. Our graduates are amongst the best designers in the world with strong practical design skills” says the Head of the Department of Design Pirjo Hirvonen.

The exhibition is being curated by Professor Jouko Järvisalo and Lecturer Martin Relander. Aalto University‘s Norther exhibition runs from 9 till 14 April at Via Privata Oslavia 7 in the Ventura Lambrate area. The nearest metro stop is Ventura Lambrate.

Pics: Hanna Anonen, Pala-matto (Piece mat); Group picture, glass and ceramics; Noora Liesmaa, Kiila-penkki (Wedge bench)



Aalto University, Finland is a new multidisciplinary science and art community in the fields of science, economics, and art and design. The University is founded on Finnish strengths, and its goal is to develop as a unique entity to become one of the world’s top universities.  Aalto University’s cornerstones are its strengths in education and research. At the new University, there are 20,000 basic degree and graduate students as well as a staff of 5,000 of which 350 are professors.