Roberto Alborghetti - “The Next Apocalypse: no Heaven or Hell, only Smoking or Non-Smoking”; Collage made with 150 small pieces of waste-paper of decomposed publicity posters; sizes: 47x47 - 2013.

Roberto Alborghetti – “The Next Apocalypse: no Heaven or Hell, only Smoking or Non-Smoking”;
Collage made with 150 small pieces of waste-paper of decomposed publicity posters; sizes: 47×47 – 2013.


“The Next Apocalypse: no Heaven or Hell, only Smoking or Non-Smoking”;

Collage made with 150 small pieces of waste-paper of torn and decomposed publicity posters;

Sizes: 47×47 cms.; 2013.

This work takes part to “Art Toppling Tobacco”  



Tobacco lacerates (and detroys) our lives. I wanted to express this concept working on lacerated and destroyed waste-paper from torn and decomposed publicity posters I usually find along the streets. So, for my “Lacer/actions” project, I’ve created this collage using about 150 little paper pieces of worn-out and ripped outdoor advertisings. De-struction (and de-construction) to communicate how those dark and disqueting clouds of smoke intoxicate and ruin body and soul, degenerating cerebral system. I worked on an abstract scene coming from exhausted materials to say that smoke, ash and tar are here with us… The next apocalypse: no heaven or hell, only smoking or non-smoking.

This work has been admitted to “Art Toppling Tobacco” project and competition created in Australia by Fay Thomson (browse the web site  http://www.arttopplingtobacco.com.au/ : Submissions 2013, category “Other” and click to the end).


Il fumo lacera e distrugge le nostre vite. Ho voluto esprimere questo concetto lavorando, come mi è solito, sulla carta straccia dei manifesti pubblicitari decomposti visibili lungo le strade. Ho creato questo collage, per il mio progetto “Lacer/azioni”, utilizzando circa 150 pezzetti di carta stracciata. Il linguaggio di un materiale distrutto e de-strutturato per comunicare, in un’immagine astratta, come l’uso del tabacco intossichi corpo ed anima. Fumo, cenere e catrame: la prossima apocalisse…


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As a result of the sting of a wasp, I had an anaphylactic shock and nearly died. This was the catalyst that made me begin experiencing epileptic seizures. Following a macrobiotic lifestyle helped me to realize that I had always been allergic to gluten, which had weakened my immune system. The wasp merely brought my allergy to the forefront. I am grateful to the Universe for sending me that wasp and propelling me to heal. It totally changed my life for the better”.

Rosanna Martella is an amazing artist living in the Northeast (Great Philadelphia Area). As a sculptor and painter she is very active and was surprised when she found out she had epilepsy. She healed herself naturally and wholly, this is her story (“Healing Epilepsy naturally” book) and her guide to healing yourself from what doctors call “an incurable condition”. Rosanna Martella is a counselor and consultant who assist others in their journey with epilepsy. She has cured international clients from Egypt and all over the world. Let her wisdom and knowledge be your ticket to healing and peacefulness.

 rosanna martella

Rosanna says: “I tell my story how I healed my self from Grand Mal Seizures in the book “Healing Epilepsy naturally”. I had a shock from a bee stung… I became hill with epilepsy. I discovered after, not only I could not digest “gluten”, but I was allergic to fat. Wheat protein, oil and fat accumulate in the body, would reach a point that it will bring a seizure. I used the Macrobiotic ancient philosophy of diet and lifestyle to heal my self without the use of medicine”.


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By Roberto Alborghetti

Un Invito” (An Invitation) and “Pensieri a colori” (Thoughts in colors) are the titles of two books – recently published by Marna with Velar editing – which enchant and fascinate heart and eyes. They gather images, colors, thoughts and stories created by guests at Casa Famiglia (House Family)  located in Rivolta d’Adda (Cremona, Italy). Casa Famiglia –   a solidarity institution founded by father Francesco Spinelli – welcomes serious and severely disabled persons (with physical, mental and sensory problems) and people at higher risk of “abandonment” and “social exclusion and family emergencies.” The service provide an integrated and comprehensive response to the needs of the disabled persons supporting them in rehabilitation, promotion and development of potentialities. 

The two publications are moving in the wake of this attention. True artist’s hands, like those of Emiliana, Paola, Rosanna and Mariangela – with the collaboration of  employees and volunteers  –  put together a fascinating kaleidoscope of creativity, in a fascinating way of art therapy project. Different techniques artworks take us on a remarkable journey where perception and observation –  and the look of heart! – create colourful paintings and scenaries, communicating us emotions and feelings. It’s a sort of life story expressed from a “special point of view”. The artworks are made up of things and recycled materials, as stones, paper, sand… A rehabilitation project through the use of art instruments.

The activities started from a free association of ideas which revealed several images: children, nature, sea, forest, water and so on. Some of these elements were captured and translated into expressive images, through a process of creative experimentation.

During the weekly workshops were used different expressive materials such as acrylic paints, chalk, sand, sawdust, glitter, all produced on sheets of medium size and thickness, in order to facilitate a free flow of creativity and to establish a communication bridge with “outside” reality.  In every moment of this  experience the team involved has kept in mind the basic concept of the book project: “Diversity is an opportunity for discovery and confrontation.”

These two books are showing us how the human being – in every path of life – has the power to amaze us. And how disability can bring astonishing creativity.

For informations : Casa Famiglia Padre Francesco Spinelli, Rivolta d’Adda (Cremona, Italy). Tel. 039 0363 77022 / Fax 039 0363 370 264; casafamigliaspinelli@tiscali.it