Eleven photos by Roberto Alborghetti, for his “Lacer/actions” project, go on aluminum plates. How macro photos of decomposed matters can change and renew the concept of interior design and decoration. The 11 installations has been made for a private collection (Fai Service). Infos and contact:

Roberto Alborghetti – Lacer/actions on Aluminum




“Victims & martyrs. Kefalonia, 1943 – The blood tracks # 1”: abstract photo on canvas + mixed media, 90×57, by Roberto Alborghetti, Lacer/actions. From an image of torn and decomposed publicity posters to an “unmistakable complement of interior design and decoration…”. This is the magic of “Lacer/actions”, a multidisciplinary project and research about the apparent chaos of ripped and decomposed publicity posters, natural cracks, crevices, scratches and urban and industrial signs and tokens.

Transferred on canvases, reproduced on lithographic prints or textiles, re-built on collages or scanned in videoclips, the images of torn and disfigured posters and natural cracks, corrosions and scratches give new meanings and expressions to paper lacerations and matters decompositions. They’re not paintings…They’re Lacer/actions!


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 The prestigious Italian School opened the new Academic year renewing his image with a new logo and visual identity system


Scuola Politecnica di Design, SPD, came into existence at the very same time as Italian design. It was founded in 1954 in Milan, as the first Italian school of design. Opened academic year 2011-2012, SPD has renewed his image with the introduction of the new logo and new visual identity system that is complemented by other communication medias including a publication and materials that exhibit the results of the recent work carried out within the SPD Master’s graduate. The school has just started offering to students from all over the world the research themes to be developed in cooperation with companies and institutions of great international importance. Thanks to prestigious academic partnerships, SPD is able to offer experiences and training that allows to merge in the final models and practices of contemporary design system.

 The identity project developed with based in Milan Jekyll & Hyde studio considers SPD as a place and a manner. The place where people, cultures and visions can freely combine into new forms and new languages. The way in which passion becomes able to do thanks to rigorous courses. The new logo frees energies through a clear and meaningful sign. The logo construction welcomes the seemingly opposing concepts of essence and transition that the school has been played in nearly 60 years. The concept of the new corporate respects and welcomes the historic brand designed by the founder Nino Salvatore in the 50s; as a continuity sign, it reappears as official seal in the Institution documents.

 Since 1954 the school has welcomed an extraordinary community of students from various countries and backgrounds. Everyone has an unequalled opportunity: they work side by side with the very best professionals, engage in dialogue with dynamic, thorough companies, and swap experiences with young talents from all over the world. All of this takes place in a human-scale environment, in a city with an incredibly close-to-hand and accessible culture made up of design, communication, trade and industry, and fashion and art.

 At SPD every student is followed individually by a faculty made up of designers, university tutors, researchers, and professionals like Piero Lissoni, Denis Santachiara, Aldo Cibic. The teaching method is arranged into design workshops, theoretical lectures, seminars and visits to producers and showrooms. Carried out with leading companies such as Audi, Microsoft, Heineken, IKEA, Artemide, Poltrona Frau Group, the project work is a crucial experience at SPD. These projects are laid out according to an interdisciplinary approach which is a proving ground for the student’s abilities, from concept to production. The results of this work are translated into very high quality, concretely and professionally oriented education. The school has very close relations with sector organizations such as ADI (Italy’s Industrial Design Association), universities, and design studios. The services it offers to firms include project development integrated with academic activities, professional consultancy work centred on applied research, made-to-measure training, and internship and recruiting services.

The offering of advanced education is made up of five annual Masters, from product design to visual and digital communication: Industrial Design; Interior Design; Transportation Design; Visual Design; Web and Multimedia Design.


Scuola Politecnica di Design SPD, via Ventura 15, 20134 Milano – Italy

t +39 02 21597590; f +39 02 21597613



 La Scuola Politecnica di Design SPD inaugura l’anno accademico 2011-2012 rinnovando la sua immagine con l’introduzione del nuovo logo e del nuovo sistema di identità visiva che si completa con altri supporti di comunicazione tra i quali una pubblicazione e materiali che presentano i frutti più recenti dei lavoro sviluppato all’interno dei Master postlaurea SPD. La scuola ha appena avviato il nuovo anno accademico proponendo ai propri studenti provenienti da tutto il mondo i temi di ricerca da sviluppare in collaborazione aziende e istituzioni di grande rilievo internazionale. Grazie a queste prestigiose partnership accademiche SPD è in grado di offrire un’esperienza di formazione a carattere professionalizzante che consente anche grazie al tirocinio conclusivo un’immersione nei modelli e nelle pratiche del sistema design contemporaneo.

 Il progetto di identità sviluppato dallo studio milanese Jekyll & Hyde interpreta SPD come luogo e come modo. Il luogo in cui persone, visioni e culture diverse possono liberamente combinarsi in nuove forme e nuovi linguaggi. Il modo in cui la passione si trasforma in saper fare grazie a percorsi rigorosi. La nuova identità libera queste energie attraverso un segno chiaro quanto denso di significati. La costruzione del logotipo infatti accoglie in sé i concetti apparentemente contrapposti di essenza e transizione che la scuola ha interpretato in quasi 60 anni di attività.

Il concept della nuova corporate rispetta e accoglie lo storico marchio disegnato dal fondatore Nino di Salvatore negli anni ‘50 che, nel segno della continuità, riappare come sigillo nei documenti istituzionali.

 Con l’apertura del nuovo anno accademico 2011-2012 hanno preso avvio cinque Master annuali tra design di prodotto, architettura d‘interni, grafica e comunicazione digitale che prevedono un periodo di stage a conclusione del percorso d’aula. Il Master in Transportation e Car Design che costituisce una delle eccellenze della scuola milanese propone invece un progetto in collaborazione con il gruppo Volkswagen, sponsor principale del Master. Anche quest’anno la presenza degli studenti stranieri è in crescita con una decisa accelerazione dell’Asia mentre Italia ed Europa si mantengono intorno al 35%.

Tutti i programmi di Master SPD – Industrial Design, Interior Design, Transportation e Car Design, Visual Design, Web e Multimedia Design – prevedono lo sviluppo di progetti sperimentali grazie al coinvolgimento attivo di partner didattici.


Scuola Politecnica di Design SPD, via Ventura 15, 20134 Milano – Italy

t +39 02 21597590; f +39 02 21597613