Interlaced stories and destinies / The Solidarity Cracks  © Roberto Alborghetti – LaceR-Actions, 2014

Interlaced stories and destinies / The Solidarity Cracks © Roberto Alborghetti – LaceR-Actions, 2014



Mount Everest TOP OF THE WORLD Mission, Chaired by Rajendra Nhisutu, Motivational Speaker and Programmes Organiser on CLIMB FOR CAUSES, REACHING THE UNREACHED through HIMALAYA MOUNT EVEREST TOWER ORGANISATION (HIMET), are co-operating with UK based ACT GROUP (ART-CULTURE-TOURISM), voluntary community society,  based Beeston, Nottingham, UK, to spearhead an urgent UK /international charity appeal. This particular and humanitarian appeal is focusing on Nottingham and East Midlands public and its educational universities, colleges and schools, to help 65 orphans and destitute children, whose parents and family members have been killed by current wars prevailing in Nepal.  Also Nepal’s recent floods and land/mud slides there have magnified this plight.

Since April this year, these children have been bereft of their continued schooling at Mt Everest Top of the World Mission Head Quarters and Camp base, because of insufficient funding.  They need essential supplies to re-start their schooling needs such as books, basic stationery supplies, school uniforms and tuition fees and further financial support to help them continue for several years without further appeal.

Rajendra Nhisutu, Chairman, comments :“At first let me give very big thanks to Sis Marysia Zipser and this BBC great service to be able to present this plea from Nepal.  I am Rajendra Nhisutu, a local resident of Kathmandu, Nepal and founder and chairperson of the Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower Organization which is entirely volunteer-based, multi-denominational, non-governmental, non-profit making and social development as a tax exempted NGO in Nepal. I had served a few years as a Mission Coordinator around the Asian countries. Since 2011, I fully served and led wholeheartedly the ‘Mission Team’ from Kathmandu valley to the most remote parts of Nepal. Because the majority of Nepalese parents have and are dying from AIDS aged between ages of 30 – 50, and during the past ten years of CIVIL WAR ((The Nepalese Civil War labelled the People’s War by the Maoists Communist Party) there was an armed conflict between government forces and Maoist fighters in Nepal lasting from 1996 until 2006), famine persecutions and natural disasters have followed. Though there are many vulnerable needy children, we have been seriously caring for mainly 65 critical Orphaned and Destitute Children with little resources we are allowed. Hence, I have come to kindly ‘APPEAL’ for our 65 of Orphaned and Vulnerable Destitute Children of Western Part of Nepal who are missing school since 15th April, 2014 (2nd Baisakh, 2071 BC) in Nepal because we cannot manage to raise the necessary funding.  I am looking for help towards their admission fees, books, stationary and uniforms for 65 children. Your help towards this noble cause will bring, to these lost vulnerable children of Nepal, an opportunity to re-join school. I will send in details update with a big thank you letter from our organization along with the video clips and photographs of the children with very much thanking words from their mouths with tearful joy. I will always be here to assist whatsoever as have detailed mentioned by respected Sis Marysia Zipser. I look forward to receive your help through this your precious great esteemed BBC services. Faithfully yours, Agape, Rajendra Nhisutu, Chairperson For Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower Organization, Kathmandu, Nepal ”


We are also currently seeking British Council help for this in London and Nepal and are awaiting their legal processes to authorise and activate. We desperately are seeking financial aid to buy these essential school supplies to make these children happy again.  They so enjoy their schooling and want to learn English and our cultures so that they can learn to live and learn in a country where there are no more restraints and hopefully no more wars.  It is my particular mission to supply 65 paper-back copies of Oscar Wilde’s “The Happy Prince & Other Stories” for them to read and learn English and to appreciate the English language from one of Britain’s greatest children’s story writers and playwright who knew and wrote about human suffering.”

This is one important humanitarian campaign which appeals internationally, not only to Nottingham, Midlands and UK. By return of donations amounting to $10,000 (UK equivalent £6000), this Mission can immediately re-start this urgent schooling of 65 children. In return for donations to this Mission, Rajendra Nhisutu will organise for individuals and company employees to visit Mt Everest base camp to meet and talk with the children and to also climb Mt Everest with his experienced guide team, and respective company logo banners will be erected at Mt Everest Top and at the Mission camp.  There will be much global publicity for their own charities and causes if they contribute.



Marysia Zipser  Mob 07899 798487                         Email: marysiazipser@hotmail.co.uk

Rajendra Nhisutu   Mob  +97709843097740 Email: mounteveresttower@gmail.com

Skype:  nhisutu





Please see background profiles on Linkedin for Marysia Zipser and Rajendra Nhisutu







Dori Kirchmair   http://dori2k.wordpress.com/   Dori has been invited to speak 1st November at International Peace Conference in Kathmandu with her “Resonance” story



(*) International Events Mgr & Arts/Heritage Tourism Promoter, Founder of ACT Group (Art-Culture-Tourism), Beeston, Nottingham, UK and Rajendra Nhisutu, Chairman, Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower Organisation ‘HIMET’ Nepal.