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In the very heart of London catchin’ images of torn posters and signs from the walls… For my “Lacer/actions” art.

During my recent participation at Parallax AF at La Galleria, I had the way to have a look around in the very heart of London trying to catch some images of torn and decomposed posters (yes, I can’t resist!) The British metropolis offered me again so many signs layed on its walls. As an open air gallery, London revealed itself through incredible colors and shapes. In every street I walked along I noticed particulars and details all linked by a sort of a common language and dye.

In Haymarket, not so distant from La Galleria, I captured blue oriented images. In High Holborn Street the dominat color was green. In St. Giles Street some ripped posters presented details in which I had no difficulties to see pop-art elements. And again: I catched black and white images in Leicester Square, red and blue in Yorkway. Along Moor Street, outside a dockyard, I saw (and impressed on my camera) images that mixed up ripped papers, glue castings, spontaneous drawings left by some anonymous hands. Such incredible colored effects!


As usually, in ripped and decomposed publicity posters I find a lot of styles and art streams: from modernism to cubism, from abstractionism to post-modernism, from vorticism to impressionism… Yes, so lot of “ism”, but I prefer to call all those images with my favourite term: “Lacer/actionism”… London is really an “open air” art museum that you may visit every day, without paying an entrance ticket. It’s enough to walk along the streets, open your eyes wide an let your perception flow.

Roberto Alborghetti