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They have restored pages of important documents such as manuscripts by Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Garibaldi and other characters of history and culture. They have unearthed ancient and significant pages, thanks to which they gave back value to events and moments in history and art. Their own work is art. I’m talking about Restauro San Giorgio (San Giorgio Restoration), founded in 1989 by a passion for books restoration of the owner, Adriano Pandimiglio, grown in the laboratory of parents who have worked in this field for over forty years (they had also participated in the recovery of damaged works during the flood in Florence, happened in November 4, 1966).

The company has a great experience gained from decades of historical laboratory “Restoration Angelo Pandimiglio”, and over the years it has been enriched by experiences with a keen eye for new techniques, equipment and materials. The growth and development of the activity are the result of continuous and punctual restoration work, carried out with professionalism and competence for leading institutions responsible for preservation of Italian cultural heritage. The techniques and materials are constantly changing, therefore the staff is updated continuously following courses and conferences where they are exposed and presented new methods of intervention on Cultural Heritage.

The restoration are all supervised by the Technical Department guided by Adriano Pandimiglio and Kasia Ingalis, who graduated from the School of Higher education for the Restoration of Cultural Property in Cremona as technical restorer of Library Heritage, documentaries and works on paper. After several internships in important restoration laboratories and institutions for the protection of the cultural heritage of books, Kasia joined the Restoration of St. George team, as a restorer and Technical Director.

The team of restorers is composed of personnel with long and proven experience in the Restoration of Books. The laboratory possesses the SOA quality certification for OS2 categories A and B. There are two operational offices, in Rome and in Soriano nel Cimino (Viterbo). The laboratory of Rome covers an area of ​​500sqm with equipments for the restoration and is organized in several areas according to the various stages of processing.

The goal is to save the works from decay with effective but not invasive interventions, living to the volume, or hard copy, its physical and aesthetic identity. The main purpose of restoration is  the consolidation of deteriorated areas. These are the key-actions: working on the material damage with targeted techniques, high quality materials and fully reversible; Clean, if necessary, in full respect of the history of the asset involved; bind using the same techniques employed at the time of creation of the artifact.

Restauro San Giorgio carried out conservative restorations of ancient modern, rare and valuable printed books,; parchment and paper codes; manuscripts and archival documents; prints; artistic and technical drawings; blueprints; heliographs; old newspapers, boxes and containers, antique leather or parchment paper,  paintings on paper and cardboard, maps of large formats,  brochures, marbled and decorated papers, photos, vintage posters and flyers, photomechanical reproductions on canvas, leather bindings, paper, parchment, wooden planks and tissues, decorative items made of paper, parchment, leather, paper mache.

Yes, here at Restauro San Giorgio, the ancient papers are back to life.  Together with the power and the strength of the written word.