CRACKS is part of Roberto Alborghetti’s Lacer/actions project-research about decomposed publicity posters, natural crevices and scratches, urban and industrial matters… This clip is dedicated to the wonderful world of cracks magnifications. The images are not paintings or digitally made works, but abstract photos of the reality. And of the cracks around us… The wonderful quote is by Leonard Cohen.

© Roberto Alborghetti



A tavola con Papa Francesco” (Dining with Pope Francis) by Roberto Alborghetti (Mondadori) is presented in a suggestive location in the heart of Lunigiana: the Castle of Pontebosio, Luxury Resort, (MS, Tuscany) on Saturday June 29, 2019; dinner will follow. An historic location, of great architectural interest, for a book already published in 15 Countries. A surprising biography on highly topical issues. A volume of 208 pages, with over 250 photographs and 36 unpublished recipes.

After the presentation you’ll have the way to sit at the table with the best recipes selected from those included in the volume. The “papal” menu includes: – #empanadas, crescent-shaped pasta bundles with a tasty and spicy filling that represented the typical dish prepared by Argentine women for their men returning from the pampas. – The always noble stuffed # calamari, a classic also of our sea areas – The #paella, able to unite all the Spanish-speaking peoples (and not) thanks to its explosion of colors and flavors argentina: the #asado with gratinated vegetables, patient recipe of grilled meat slowly, an absolute triumph of taste – For #dessert the pistachio mousse 45 euro drinks included. The evening begins at 7.30 pm with the presentation of the book.

CASTELLO DI PONTEBOSIO is An aristocratic 17th century manor expertly restored and transformed into a luxurious Resort equipped with every possible comfort. In each one of the rooms it is possible to enjoy a healty pause of relaxation while admiring the suggestive landscapes: from the splendid glimpses of the square and of the village, to the vistas on the sweetly declining hills.


For information: info@castellodipontebosio.it

Castello di Pontebosio, Luxury Resort, 54016 Pontebosio MS, 0187 472050

Photos below: cover and some of the 208 pages of the book by Roberto Alborghetti already published in 15 Countries.



Guest Writer: DAWN LINDSON, Act Intern

Photos: Tracey Whitefoot, Inna Schutts, William Ranieri

After a busy day leaving behind a sunny cultural island that has plenty of natural beauty and so much Art to explore…  In case you hadn’t guessed, the place I was describing is Majorca!  I was pleased to arrive home in time to catch Roberto Alborghetti’s Ghost Bus 2019 performance live at the Bartons Garage.  I had heard so much about him through ACT and how he has a special interest in Beeston so I was very curious to learn more.

He spoke of how he sees colours, I found this fascinating and it prompted questions from the audience.  He said “Colours are our energy…..our life!” A comment I couldn’t agree more with, especially since I have a craze for colourful things.  I guess we all see colours differently and his perspective was quite unique.  Roberto loves the colour red and when he first came to Nottingham he saw that in the bricks, which for him are a symbol of structure and history of our city. This became the inspiration for his first production called “Colours of Nottingham.”  He collaborated with singer Jeanie Barton (who I met at my first ACT event) to create visual and musical films which will be on her new CD album called “Moments of Clarity”.

However the things that I found struck a chord with me most were listening to him discuss some of the 6 books he had recently published.  One of them “Dining with Pope Francis” covers his passion of food for survival and how we are what we eat.  As a world we waste so many consumer goods which is totally unnecessary and is having negative effects on our world.  Roberto described how he believes food waste is the biggest problem in our world today and said Italy wastes 40 billion euros of food each year.

He also aims to have a positive influence on school children with his “Social or Dis-Social?” guide.  He rightly acknowledges that the use of digital technology is a great source of education when used appropriately.  However, 90% of children are using it inappropriately by spending too much time chatting online and playing violent video games.

He has concerns that children as young as 6 are losing as much as 4 hours a day on their smartphones, this also increases to 6 hours for teenagers.  Not only is this causing negative social effects but they are being affected by blue light.  He is concerned that some people are allowing the digital world to destroy their lives and recognises the importance of a sensible approach to using the internet.  The important message he wants to get across to school children, is to use their smartphone to better themselves and create a better world for everyone to live in.

It was interesting listening to him having a discussion with the presenter William Ranieri live on stage and I also enjoyed watching the videos which were displayed on the large screen.  He has a very imaginative approach to taking photographs, which would inspire photographers all around the world.  However, he is not just a great Artist but also a great influencer on important sociological issues the world is facing.  He finished the evening by answering questions from the audience.  I will look out for his next event in Beeston and perhaps next time I will be able to meet him in person.


Guest Writer: MARYSIA ZIPSER, Founder of ACT Group

Last week Beeston welcomed the annual return of ACT special guest Roberto Alborghetti from Italy who is the official biographer to Pope Francis, visual artist, best selling author and award winning environmental journalist.

During a 4 day organised program, a publicised event took place at The Garage / Gallery events venue at Bartons Chilwell on Wednesday 5th June – ‘The Ghost Bus 2019 – In Conversation with…Roberto Alborghetti’.  It was a fascinating and engaging evening hosted by native Italian journalist and Director-Producer, William Ranieri from TheLatestTV in Brighton.

As a visual artist Roberto had already started, nearly 20 years ago, a project called “Laser/Actions” focusing on images of natural cracks and scratches, urban and industrial tokens and materials.

Roberto explained about how, while touring the classic vehicles at Bartons during his first 2014 visit, he chanced upon the Ghost Bus, a 1956 URR 865 Reliance, which had spent 20 years slumbering in an open Suffolk field. He started to take macro photographs of what he ‘saw’ in the old vehicle – Lands, Horizons, Seas, Skies.

He left inspired to make a short film about the Ghost Bus which was premiered at Bartons March 2015 when the old bus was stage illuminated. In October that year, the film was shown in Piancastagnaio Tuscany during a week long ACT tour by eight Beeston friends. His Ghost Bus images have since spawned designs for fashion like The Volcano Dress, textiles and wine labelling.

The Ghost Bus ‘Roads’ Project is now touring.

Since 2016 Roberto has been collaborating with Beeston singer/songwriter Jeanie Barton to create visual and musical films including Colours of Nottingham Streets to “Can I Think of Love?” and Images of Beeston to “Soon”, featured on Jeanie’s newly launched CD album ‘Moments of Clarity’.

He talked about Pope Francis and latest best seller “Dining with Pope Francis” translated into 15 languages, food and food waste and his guide books for children – the ‘Social or Dis-Social’ boom and one about the use of smartphones and cyberbullying.  When asked about what Robin Hood means to him today, Roberto answered “…positive rebellion and courage.”

The Mayor of Broxtowe, Councillor Michael Brown said, “I was pleased to be invited to this event and was fascinated by the excellent work.  It’s delightful to see the creative community bringing events like this to our Borough.”

The whole conversation with film/music clips and stills was LIVE streamed and can be seen via https://www.facebook.com/artculturetourism/

For further information about Roberto Alborghetti and The Ghost Bus events please see www.artculturetourism.co.uk Email:  events@artculturetourism.co.uk .




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Are these modern art paintings? Are these pop art works? Are these acrylic pictorial paintings? No, they are just photos of details of big torn publicity posters on an outdoor advertisings billboard. For me, the street is a real free art gallery, where we can perceive wonderful pieces of art. The pictures above are part of my “LaceR/Actions” project-research, which now has reached 110.000 photos taken across the world.
“LaceR/Actions” is a multidisciplinary project concerning researches about decomposed and torn publicity posters, natural cracks and scratches, urban/industrial tokens. Impressed by photocamera and transferred on canvases, reproduced on lithographic prints or textiles, re-built on collages or scanned in videoclips, the details of torn and decomposed publicity posters give new life to waste-paper and decomposed matters. Like the picture above.

For Informations and Esclusive Acquisitions:



Abstract and macro images of a waste container in Bitonto (Apulia, Italy). I took them  for my “LaceR/Actions” project-research about torn and decomposed publicity posters, natural cracks and scratches, urban and industrial matters. Yes, a waste container as an art installation! In the link below, you can read the beautiful article wrote by Fernirosso about my visual art project.

Janette Kelly , HR Consultant, from Canada, wrote this comment about these pics: “This is truly astonishing and fascinating to me. Our world is a melting pot of cultures – both human and microbial – and every citizen has a personalized microbiome. ROBERTO you have captured this with artistic flair”. 

Read the article at “Cartesensibili” Blog:



© Roberto Alborghetti



A very special “Valentine’s Day” version of “Soon”, video created in collaboration with jazz singer and composer Jeanie Barton. Her wonderful voice goes with my abstract photos from “Lacer/actions” project and research. Pictures and great vocals. The macro-photos of cracks and scratches on poles were taken along the streets in Beeston-Nottingham on March 2017. The videoclip is part of “The Ghost Bus Roads” project promoted by Bartons Plc, Roberto Alborghetti Lacer/actions and ACT Group founded by Marysia Zipser. Happy Valentine’s Day!

© Roberto Alborghetti


© Roberto Alborghetti

DSCN2893 (800x600)

© Roberto Alborghetti

DSCN2894 (800x600)

© Roberto Alborghetti

Time and rust have the fascinating power to change things without the contribution and conditioning of the human being’s hand. The work and the creative action that rust can do are truly surprising. They can compose and model endless scenes in which our eyes can see and perceive horizons without limits.

Like in this series of images. We can glimpse scenes that remind us of dry leaves, fronds of trees shaken by the wind, red flowers of indecipherable plants … In short, the effects of rust can be spectacular.

But the images you see above aren’t paintings, but simply macro photographs of the rusts I saw on a billboard. Everything is created casually, without a precise intent, without a reason which is not that of the normal process accomplished by the natural decomposition of the elements.
These abstract and macro photos are part of “Lacer/actions”, a multidisciplinary project and research about the apparent chaos of ripped and decomposed publicity posters, natural cracks, crevices, scratches and urban and industrial signs and tokens, like these trails of rust (I’ve collected so far more than 100.000 photos…). Transferred on canvases, reproduced on lithographic prints or textiles, re-built on collages or scanned in videoclips, the images of torn and disfigured posters and natural cracks, corrosions and scratches give new meanings and expressions to paper lacerations and matters decompositions.

Interested to purchase these images in exclusive and original copies? Please contact: ro.alb@alice.it ; funtasyeditrice@gmail.com

Il tempo e la ruggine hanno il fascinoso potere di modificare le cose senza l’apporto e il condizionamento della mano dell’essere umano. Sono davvero sorprendenti il lavoro e l’azione creativa che può compiere la ruggine. Possono comporre e modellare scene infinite nelle quali i nostri occhi possono vedere e percepire orizzonti senza limiti. O cieli nei quali le nuvole lasciano incredibili scie, come le pennellate che un pittore lascia sulla tela. Ma queste immagini non sono dipinti, ma semplicemente fotografie dal vero, ravvicinate, delle ruggini che ho visto su un vecchio cancello. Tutto è creato casualmente, senza un preciso intento, senza una ragione, che non sia quella del normale processo compiuto dalla decomposizione naturale degli elementi. Sorprendente, non è vero?