“A Network for Inclusion”: a training experience on the contents of my book “Social or dis-social?” (Funtasy Editrice) was held in Milan at the “Capponi” Institute directed by Gabriella Conte. Analyzes, discussions and workshops took place along 3 days. The initiative was carried out with the collaboration and support of the Municipality 5 of Milan. As author of the book, I met students and their parents. Great space for free creativity. Here in the photos I gathered some of the drawings created by kids. With the language of emoticons, they answered to the question: “How do you want you to be publicly represented?” It was a wonderful experience that revealed emotions, moods, thoughts. “Let’s create an emoticon that represents us …”



“Una Rete per includere”: su questo tema si sono svolti in corso in questi giorni a Milano, all’IC Capponi diretto da Gabriella Conte, una esperienza formativa sui contenuti del mio libro “Social o dis-social?” (Funtasy Editrice). Si sono svolti analisi, discussioni e workshops. L’iniziativa è stata realizzata con la collaborazione e il sostegno del Municipio 5 di Milano. Io, come autore del libro, ho incontrato allievi e i loro genitori. Grande spazio alla libera creatività. Ecco nelle foto alcuni dei lavori che, con il linguaggio degli emoticon, hanno risposto alla domanda: “Come vuoi che tu fossi rappresentato pubblicamente?”. E’ stata una bellissima esperienza che ha rivelato emozioni, stati d’animo, pensieri.


LMA 2018 19 (1)

It’s out! And it’s so beautiful! LamiAgenda 2018/2019 is ready! This year’s theme is: “All up for Earth!”. My artwork, “Strati di memoria” (Memory Layers), made with small pieces of waste paper, is the cover and characterizes the entire iconographic part. LamiAgenda, published in Italy by I Quindici, has a square shape, the texts are written in Easy Reading format (ideal for those who are subject to forms of dyslexia) and contains personalized pages made by the same schools. Yes, it’s a small masterpiece of design, starting from the cover, which is in line with the annual theme of the diary, devoted to environmental issues and the commitment that every person must give to improve our quality of life. For infos:

20170810_175534_resized (800x575)

The original cover of “LamiAgenda” is a collage of waste-paper created by Roberto Alborghetti for his “Lacer/actions” project.


E’ uscita! Ed è bellissima! LamiAgenda 2018/2019 è pronta! Tema di quest’anno è: “Tutti su per Terra!“. Il mio artwork, “Strati di memoria”, realizzato con piccoli pezzi di carta straccia, fa da copertina e caratterizza tutta la parte iconografica. LamiAgenda, pubblicata da I Quindici, ha una forma quadrata, i testi sono scritti in Easy Reading per la lettura facilitata (ideale per chi è soggetto a forme di dislessia) e contiene con pagine personalizzate dagli stessi Istituti Scolastici. Sì, un piccolo capolavoro, anche di design, a partire dalla copertina, multicolore, in linea con il tema annuale del diario, che ha l’obiettivo di rinnovare il panorama dei diari scolastici. Un prodotto di altissima qualità, con copertina resistente e rinforzata. Per info e contatti:



Some interesting and beautiful winning drawings created by Italian students of “Luini-Falcone Institute, a Secondary school in Rozzano, in the Greater Milan (Italy). The drawings participated to the 5th  edition of “Friend Water Contest” a social campaign promoted in Italy by Consorzio di Bonifica della Media Pianura Bergamasca through Okay! Monthly magazine.  



I have recently participated to the valuation commission to choose the winners for an educational contest about fairy tales. The activity was promoted through italian magazine Okay! by DreamWorks Italy and it was inspired by “Puss in Boots” movie. I saw a lot of beautiful drawings and paintings by which kids (infancy, primary and secondary schools) told and expressed –  in absolutely freedom of expression –  their ideas, feelings and emotions about the world of fairy tales.

Noemi’s work – so spontaneous and so similar to the structure of some Mirò ‘s artworks – really stroke all the commission members. And I think it deserves some attention. Noemi (she attends Infancy School in Madone, Bergamo, in Milan Area, Italy) did the painting last year, when she was 3 years old. Her painting – canvas, 29,5×24, acrylic – is the proof that the great contemporary artists have always been inspired by their infantile imaginary. And sometimes we need to say it…   

Noemi painting 2            



The Kasparov Chess Foundation Europe today in Brussels announced the release of the Chess Teaching Platform, a software that will enable teachers to teach chess in the classroom and enable pupils to further learn and practice at home with the aid of remote assistance.

The Chess Teaching Platform is a web-based training program for children from 7 – 9 years. It includes a full chess curriculum, web-based training lessons, workbooks and an instruction manual for the teacher and the pupils. The software also automatically provides detailed statistics on the progress of each pupil, group or class. The Chess Teaching Platform is expected to be available in the Autumn 2012 and will be compatible with all popular computing platforms including laptops and tablets. All teaching materials have been prepared by leading training specialists and chess experts.

The Kasparov Chess Foundation Europe, launched mid 2011, is also celebrating its first anniversary. The mission of the non-profit organization is to bring the many educational benefits of chess to children and young people in Europe by providing a chess curriculum and enrichment programs. In its first year the Foundation has developed a working model, built an organization to fulfill its ambition and taken the case for Chess in Schools to European politicians and policy makers.

In March 2012 the European Parliament voted to introduce the Foundation’s program ‘Chess in School’ Europe-wide with a focus on chess as a powerful educational tool.

 Jan Callewaert, President of the Foundation: “This has been an extraordinary start-up year. We built the Foundation from scratch to an organization that has been recognized by the European Parliament, is talked about in the world of chess and has a first product, the Chess Teaching Platform, coming to market.”

 Garry Kasparov, Chairman of the Foundation: “In this first year we have made important steps forward with the Foundation. The support we got from the European Parliament was a clear indication of the educational values chess brings to children. With the announcement of our software Chess Teaching Platform we make another important step forward in turning our mission into reality. I’m looking forward to very exciting times.”


On request, some other logos drawn by students… Brands and  trademarks surround us. They besiege us. They became part of our lives. We often identify a brand with our character and style. And it’s really funny what the Holy Family Institute’s students in Comonte di Seriate (Italy) did. They enjoyed to play with their names drawing internationally known brands graphs. Leaded by their Professor mrs. Falconi, students drew their names according  to some companies brand design (Disney, Lacoste, Nike, EstaThe)whose trademarks are around us. It was a compelling game which  became a  good exercise in observation too.


Ecco ancora alcuni nomi disegnati secondo la grafica di celebri logo internazionali… I marchi ci circondano. Ci assediano. Son entrati a far parte della nostra vita. Spesso, in un marchio ci riconosciamo, con il nostro carattere e con il nostro stile. Ed è simpatico quello che hanno fatto gli studenti dell’Istituto Sacra Famiglia di Comonte di Seriate (Bergamo) che si sono divertiti a rivestire i propri nomi con i tratti grafici di noti marchi di prodotti. Sotto la guida della docente prof.ssa Falconi, gli studenti hanno proposto i loghi di società multinazionali i cui, marchi, sono sotto gli occhi di tutti ( tra gli altri, Disney, Lacoste, Nike, EstaThe). Un irresistibile gioco che si è trasformato anche in un bell’esercizio di osservazione.  



For the past 3 years, College Battle (“CB”) has grown organically in the college market with the creation of an unprecedented music and entertainment platform.  This includes the national College Battle of the Bands competition which has awarded over $250K in prizing to top student musicians to date, and the Textbooks & Tickets Tour (“T&T”) produced with Chegg, the only free concert series exclusively for college students featuring artists such as T-Pain, Avicii, Big Boi of OutKast, Dev, Chiddy Bang, MNDR, Big Sean and many more.  The company’s year round activity provides a unique solution to the college entertainment vertical by reaching one of the most influential portions of the youth media market and economy which represents over $60 billion of spending capitol annually.

Over the course of 2011, CB visited more than 43 campuses to reach a student population of over 1.25M and garner 10M+ impressions online. Additionally, thousands of student musicians competed in the national College Battle of the Bands competition with the national finalists getting an opening slot on a T&T show. 

2012 plans include an expanded College Battle of the Bands competition (now simply known as College Battle) this spring and summer and the largest T&T Tour launch to date in August to reach over 20M college impressions, with intimate brand integration offered to sponsors and partners throughout.

College Battle is the brainchild of young music entrepreneurs Evan Shapiro and KamranV, along with Dan Costa of Campus MovieFest.  In 2007 they decided to put their passion for music and business to the test and create a college brand which not only has gone on to exceed any projections in the way of attendance and sheer numbers, but has become the catalyst for other brand extensions to a unique demographic with tons of spending power – the college student.

With the industry continuing to evolve and the world of new media heightening the opportunities for immediate satisfaction, they both knew that they had a chance to create a powerful brand.  Given the age of information exchange and collective experiences, they were convinced that they could create a leading college music brand while also discovering new  innovative talent that could otherwise go unnoticed in the crowded world of digital downloads, music promotion and emerging artist opportunities.  It was then that College Battle began to form into what is now a national tour and music competition with major sponsors.  In only a few short years they have succeeded in securing such high level partners as Chegg, GRAMMY U®, T-Mobile and others and have filled venues and college campuses around the country in what has became an unprecedented and energetic brand concept that continues to grow exponentially each year.  The College Battle competition is at the forefront of artist discovery and responsible for helping to discover popular acts that go on to secure recording contracts such as Mike Posner (Duke), Local Natives (Pepperdine) and Rozzi Crane (USC) who was just signed by Adam Levine of Maroon 5 fame and now featured on the current Hunger Games soundtrack.

This spring, College Battle launches its fourth year of competition in April.  The 2012 events bring an exciting new regional format with intimate brand integrations, a projection of 300K unique college voters and thousands of music artist participants as well as celebrity judges and a national public relations firm focusing on national exposure for the company.

Brands are constantly trying to find new ways to market to this key demographic but they usually loose sight of the new current trends and have a hard time staying ahead of the curve.    College Battle took one of the strongest cultural identifiers to college students – music – and are making it a lifestyle brand.  Through the current music market, CB has successfully found a way to stay ahead of the curve and market to college students in an organic and comfortable way and effectively give them something they can’t live without – their favorite music and an unforgettable college experience where they connect with artists themselves and other like-minded students. College Battle is the perfect strategy for the college entertainment vertical and is consistently finding new ways to provide meaningful event experiences for brands, students and artists alike.

In 2012, College Battle hits the road once again to make its mark in 40+ college markets across the United States.  Having renewed agreements with major sponsors Chegg and GRAMMY U, College Battle and the Textbooks & Tickets Tour will launch the new season with a special edition Textbooks & Tickets Tour date in Hamilton, NY with a one-of-a-kind performance by college-favorite artist Avicii on 4/20.  College Battle and Textbooks & Tickets events follow in all major markets throughout 2012, including the company’s first ever fashion and runway show integrations into select music events. 

Additional 2012 partnerships are being added.  Partners will reap the rewards of unique interactive on-campus and event experiences with college students who will aim to become natural ambassadors for the brand. In a world where money is tight, marketing is crowded and demographics are split, the high energy music enthusiasts at College Battle have created a brand which has now stood the test of time and has the history to continue to prove itself as one of  the key college brands in the nation.



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