It’s really going around the world, gaining an amazing record of views, in all Continents.

It’s MYDADDY (WOUNDED SO MUCH) clip, which shows pupils talking about accidents at work that involve their parents. The video is dedicated to the 10th edition of “First in Safety”, an Italian social campaign sponsored by Rossini Trading Spa, Anmil  and Okay! Magazine. All this is an interesting and unusual phenomenon. A short and poor video – not supported by media productions or by hundreds of thousands of euro investements – is shared by dozens and dozens of websites, which have embedded it also through YouTube.

MYDADDY (WOUNDED SO MUCH)  clip is an original and particular contribution given to one of the most dramatic phenomena affecting Italy and even the so called civilized world.


1,170 deads. And over 775,000 injuries. These are the numbers of the dramatic “war report” about a year (2011) of accidents at works in Italy. These numbers are impressive. As if we were at war. For this reason it is urgent to raise voice and the guard. Even with a message. How it does “MYDADDY”, a delicate and passionate videoclip which supports “FIRST IN SAFETY” (Primi in Sicurezza”) a national social campaign for the prevention of accidents at work which invites schools and young people to face the problem. This campaign – at its 10th edition – is promoted by ROSSINI TRADING Spa, ANMIL (the italian Association for injured people) and OKAY! monthly magazine. It’s unique in Italy and Europe and maybe in the global world (at least for continuity, originality and effectiveness). “MyDaddy” clip – created by Roberto Alborghetti – was made with the collaboration of “P.Mazzi” Primary School and Piancastagnaio Municipality (Siena) and Osa Onlus Association. So, thanks to the pupils who participated to the video production in a spontaneous and improvised way.

Here we point out only some of the links to related sites that are sharing the clip, which is online at Youtube and Vodpod!)


A sensorial experience with a great soundtrack: “Flying” by pianist and composer Mike Strickland

When I read Susan Kahn “Empty Moon” poem at her  “Emptinesscafe”Blog, I instinctively thought to a recent “Lacer/actions” artwork I’ve created with my torn posters and urban signs images (“Voices and Echoes From The Cities”, 2011, Canvas+ mixed media, 70×50). I told Susan about that and she accepted the challenge to see some of her beautiful verses transferred on a videoclip. So, here’s the result…

Susan Kahn Poem and my artwork were fused in a 30 seconds videoclip. Inspiring words from the world meet an image of ripped ads and urban signs. From Animoto library I chose a capturing soundtrack, “Flying”, by talented composer, pianist and performer Mike Strickland. Welcome to a sensorial experience and to an emotional message-massage. Like echoes…like Lacer/actions.



 Susan says: “I work as a psychotherapist in private practice and as a nondual consultant. Nondual means not two, not separate. My teaching, writings and poetry reflect a way of seeing everything as interrelated, interconnected and as lacking a truly separate essence or nature. In Buddhism, this lack of “own being” is referred to as emptiness. This perspective is reflected in western Postmodern philosophy as well. It is the notion of a fundamentally separate self and all other phenomena that is seen in both traditions as the main cause of human suffering and conflict, and that I find to be an inspirational insight.


 Pianist and composer Mike Strickland has been influenced by many styles of music and has evolved into a one-of-a-kind piano artist. Born and raised in Jackson Mississippi, he grew up listening to the great composers. His performance career started at the age of 9 when his father would encourage him to entertain dinner guests. After turning eighteen, he began to frequent the clubs and listened to great local blues talents. Formal music studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston and California State University at Northridge continued to expand his musical talents. Mike built a solid career as a performer, composer and recording artist. His own works were varied – some lush, orchestral and cinematic, some smooth jazz, some blues and boogie flavored and others almost new age. Sales of these CDs climbed to over 350,000 and are distributed throughout the nation and digitally throughout the world. He is known for his exceptional musicianship and arrangements, his virtuosic technique, and his unmatched ability to connect with the audience on a personal level. His daughter Elizabeth, a fine classical pianist, often joins him as a special guest.

In addition to his music airing for 7 seasons on CBS Sports PGA Golf, it has also been heard on the NBC, FOX and ABC networks. Mike’s positive message song/animation “Spread Joy” was also featured on ABC Good Morning America. In March of 2011, Mike debuted several original works as a featured piano soloist with the Salem Pops Orchestra. In the Spring of 2012 he will release his 22nd CD titled “Fantasy”.


Professional reporter, author and visual artist, Roberto Alborghetti has written more than thirty books (biographies, interviews, stories). He worked in magazines and newspapers and produced Tv documentaries. Editor in chief of magazines concerning didactic, education, edutainment and media literacy, he leads workshops and conferences and has won important journalism Prizes. He created “LaceR/Actions”, a multidisciplinary project concerning a research about torn posters and urban “signs”. In 2009, he published “Lacer/actions, Pics of torn (publi)city”, gathering a selection of 40 pictures chosen among 35.000 pics that Roberto took during his research. In July 2010, thirty thousand people visited his show “The Four Elements of LaceR/Actions”. Roberto Alborghetti artworks are also taking part to experiences about sensorial and emotional perception (sinestesys) and kinesiologic tests. In October 2011, he participated at Parallax Art Fair in London (La Galleria, Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall). “The Huffington Post” (September 2011) wrote about his artwork devoted to Nine Eleven Fallen; article by dr. Srini Pillay, Psychiatrist, Harvard clinician, brain imaging researcher, executive coach, author. Art critics and experts said that Roberto Alborghetti’s art has an “exceptional and evocative dynamic”, “a strong power of language”; it shows “new points of observation that overwhelm canonical trial systems”, “breaking the current patterns of visual art.” Alborghetti’s Artworks “are explosions of color, passion, joy, sorrow, story, emotion, beauty, love…”, “They touch us on the raw and go straight to the heart”, ” a provocation to our eyes and to our mind”.



 Yesterday it was one of the busiest days for this blog. People were really struck by “Mydaddy” clip which focuses attention on the dramatic “war report” about a year (2011) of accidents at works in Italy (1,170 deads and over 775,000 injuries). The problem affects not only Italy, but all the so called “civilized world”. The numbers of deathes and injuries are really impressive, often forgotten by the media themselves, who give titles to the phenomenon only in the presence of emotional or numeric high-impact tragedies.

For this reason it is urgent to raise voice and the guard. Even with a message. How “Mydaddy” clip does. The videoclip supports “First in Safety”, an Italian social campaign for the prevention of accidents at work which invites schools – and young people – to confront the problem. This campaign – at its 10th edition – is promoted by ROSSINI TRADING Spa, ANMIL (the italian Association for injured people) and OKAY! monthly magazine. It’s unique in Italy and Europe and maybe in the global world (at least for continuity, originality and effectiveness).

“Mydaddy” videoclip was conceived and produced by Roberto Alborghetti, reporter, writer and visual artist, with the participation of talented students of the second class of the Primary School “P.Mazzi” in Piancastagnaio (Siena). Uploaded on YouTube and VodPod– also in special version with English subtitles – and shared by multiple sites, the clip has become a sort of original spot not only for “First in Safety” campaign, but also for its aim to support the prevention message. Disarmingly simple yet remarkably effective, the video was made at the end of an educational workshop.

The pupils produced drawings on school safety and discussed about workplace injuries that involved mom and dad (from here the title). The clip – made in collaboration with the School Institute in Piancastagnaio, the Municipality of Piancastagnaio (with the major Fabrizio Agnorelli) and Osa non-profit organization (with President Nicola Cirocco) – is an original document on what school may and must do about prevention of accidents at work. As stated in the videoclip final message, “prevention is the lethal weapon to stop the war bulletin” of the deaths and injuries at work.



English Edition :



Versione Italiana – YouTube link :




A ROBERTO ALBORGHETTI artwork as has never been seen before… The clip shows an out-of-view “Lacer/actions”. Or better: an image caught under a different perspective. Roberto Alborghetti brings his eyes — and camera eye — inside one of his pictures of torn posters and urban signs. It’s surely a different way to watch “And a big fire storm poured on earth…” (Canvas, 93×62, 2010). Capturing soundtrack: it’s Kyrie (live version) composed by Lorenzo Perosi.

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STEPS ON LACER/ACTIONS, posted with vodpod


New videoclip from Roberto Alborghetti ‘s “Lacer/actions” arts. Inspired by a French movie directed by Chris Marker.


Some words about my new clip “L’air est rouge” posted yesterday. Red is one of the colors that predominate in my “Lacer/actions” artworks (images of torn posters). Red is the color of this festive season. And red is the color that expresses strength, energy, vitality, life … It’s dedicated to red color my new clip “L’air est rouge”, avowedly inspired by a French film directed in 1977 by Chris Marker (“Le fond de l’air est rouge”), docu-movie about revolutions that have marked the world during the 1967-1977 decade.

 Revolutions usually take place on the streets. And I collect my images along the streets. Like those of this clip, in which the red textures are perhaps the metaphor of how today the air is red (again), full of expectations and hopes about a great change in our world. My “revolutionary” wish for 2012 is for a social order in which everyone feels represented and respected. Art can do a lot for this.

 Nothing of apocalyptic in my clip – in a certain sense, we already live in an apocalypse – but “l’air est rouge…”


Clip: L’air est rouge (la rèvolution est proche…)

Created by: Roberto Alborghetti

Lenght: 32”

Soundtrack: Le sentiment de l’amour, by Thiae

Images from “Lacer/actions” collection.




Il rosso è tra i colori che maggiormente predominano tra le mie “lacer/azioni” (immagini della pubblicità strappata). Rosso è il colore di questi giorni natalizi. E da sempre il rosso è il colore che esprime forza, energia, vitalità, vita… Ed è proprio dedicato al rosso il mio nuovo clip “L’air est rouge”, titolo dichiaratamente ispirato da un film francese del 1977, diretto da Chris Marker (“Le fond de l’air est rouge”), documento a più voci sulle rivoluzioni che nel mondo hanno scandito il decennio 1967-1977.

Le rivoluzioni di solito si fanno per strada. E per strada io raccolgo le mie immagini. Come quelle di questo clip, dove le trame di rosso sono forse la metafora di come davvero l’aria sia oggi davvero rossa, ancora carica di attese e di speranze che portino nel mondo quel grande cambiamento ed un ordine sociale in cui tutti si sentano rappresentati e rispettati. Niente di apocalittico nel mio clip – in un certo senso, già viviamo in un apocalisse – ma “l’air est rouge”…






An Holiday videoclip with an incredible “a cappella song” from the Group that The New York Times described as “A vocal kaleidoscope…unique to the human voice”.

And the quartet send me a comment on Facebook about the video…

An “Haiga”, one of mine “Lacer/actions” artworks (images from torn posters and urban signs) and a fantastic “a cappella” song from Tonic Sol-Fa group. These are the ingredients of my clip, Season’s Greeting (Haiga & Haiku), which fuses in a Japanese “Haiga”, words and visual art. The image – absolutely random, as all my works about torn (publi)city – is now a lithograph ( 50×70, framed) and it’s taking part of “Lacer/actions” collection, concerning my research about torn posters and signs from city walls. The clip soundtrack – “Ark The Herald Angels Sings”- is a traditional Xmas song performed by Tonic Sol-Fa. This quartet has been named one of the top five “must see” groups in America and has been awarded numerous original song and album awards in pop, gospel and holiday genres.

Tonic Sol-Fa appeared on NBC’s Today Show and in the pages of Newsweek magazine. Outings with Jay Leno, Shawn Colvin, Lonestar and Garrison Keillor have propelled album sales to more than 1,000,000 copies. (mostly sold from the back of their trailer!) and have earned the group thousands of intensely loyal fans. By 2000, the quartet was voted into the Midwest Music Hall of Fame. And in 2009, Tonic Sol-fa’s second public television special was broadcast to over 1,800 stations across the United States, with an international launch to begin this year. The New York Times describes Tonic Sol-fa’s sound as “A vocal kaleidoscope…unique to the human voice.” The fantastic voices of Tonic Sol-Fa make so special this “Season’s Greetings” videoclip, posted at YouTube, Animoto, MySpace, BlipTv, VodPod and shared on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Click and enjoy it:


“Cool! Well done”: this is the message that TONIC SOL-FA send me through FACEBOOK as a comment to the video. Thank you guys for the kindness! Your voices are great, and your heart too!!! My Best Wishes! R.A. 





Un “Haiga”, una mia “Lacer/azione” (immagine dei dettagli di un manifesto pubblicitario strappato) ed un frammento di un fenomenale brano “a cappella” dei Tonic Sol-fa. Sono questi gli ingredienti di un mio clip augurale – “Auguri di Buone Feste (Haiga & Haiku)” – che fonde – in quello che la cultura nipponica definisce “Haiga” – parole (“Haiku”) ed arte visuale. L’immagine – come sempre assolutamente casuale, trasferita su litografia, 50×70 – fa parte della mia raccolta “Lacer/azioni”, relativa alla ricerca dei particolari delle pubblicità lacerate e dei “segni” urbani.

Il soundtrack che accompagna questo clip di “LaceR/Azioni” ed “Haiga” è eseguito a cappella dai Tonic Sol-Fa, un gruppo vocale americano dal ricco repertorio pop, gospel, folk, soul, blues e per le occasioni di festa. Il quartetto figura in America tra i primi cinque gruppi in una classifica speciale delle esibizioni “assolutamente da vedere”. Hanno ricevuto diversi riconoscimenti per i loro album, che hanno superato la quota di 1 milione di copie vendute, incrementando il seguito tra migliaia di fans. Pubbliche affermazioni sono state ottenute nel Midwest Music Hall of Fame.

Sono ora al centro di un lancio internazionale, preceduto da specials televisivi. York Times ha parlato di loro come di “caleidoscopio vocale… unico per la voce umana”.

Il brano scelto per il clip fa parte della tradizione dei canti di Natale: “Ark The Herald Angels Sing”. Il clip – on line su YouTube, MySpace, BlipTv, VodPod e condiviso su Facebook, Twitter e Linkedin – è una prova di come le magnifiche voci di Tonic Sol-Fa siano riuscite ad “incontrare” in modo suggestivo le immagini di Roberto Alborghetti.