This is the videoclip I created for Mitrani Yarden, a talented fashion designer and artist. I was inspired by the uniqueness of his creations and by his way to match colors and shapes, and daring to experiment new textiles, materials and solutions. His art comes from the streets, from the cities, from heart and mind. Freedom, harmony and individuality are the 3 words that represent Mitrani Yarden’s way of living.

So, to make this videoclip I began to work around his 3 words and letting me inspire by his great creations (outfits, designs, drawings and sketches). Then I tried to translate the sense and the spirit of his art in these few phrases, as you may see in the clip: “Put an armour on your dreams / Clothe yourself in freedom / No dart will hit you / (we’re) MADE TO BE SEEN”.

For the soundtrack I chose a fragment from a great piece by Audiomachine (“Red Sorrow”)… Please, listen to the epic drums (which seem to wake up the world… and the sleeping consciousness).

Yes, we’re made to be seen: I think this is a basic concept of the human and mutual relationship. In fact, we’re not in-visible. And the in-visibility is the easiest way to fall in the in-humanity… Mitrani Yarden’s design, art and fashion are telling these intriguing suggestions.

Mitrani Yarden says: “My Creations are cosmic and multifaceted. An infinity and multicultural in reality. My point is to meltinpot all the different and rich uniqueness on earth into a modernity, harmony, elegance and soficticated silhouette for offering people to have the ability and the opportunity to achieve clothes that will get a full and perfect harmony with their personality and their character. The ability for having the perfect way to express and communicate themself to everyone in every moments”.

Yes, because (we’re) made to be seen

Yarden styles contain a very big varieties of different details, materials, contrasting elements, contemporary nature, cultures,tradition and modernity, contradiction between the constructed and unconstructed, futuristic,romantique eleganthie, avant-garde and freedom.

His official website: http://www.mitraniyarden.com/