Verses by Meredith Deerheart + Roberto Alborghetti artwork (from his Lacer/actions Project, Images of torn and decomposed posters). 

Soundtrack: “Montreal” by KJ Sawka

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Dandelion winds

    Swirl April blossoms wildly.

    Tangos in the night.


Space drips, light bends gold.

     Lavender boughs lift lightly.

     Birth swirls around me.


Morning lamplight glows.

    Shadow curtains lace the glass.

    Drip dot April blooms.


© Artwork Copyright Roberto Alborghetti

© Poem Copyright~Meredith



These beautiful and evocative verses created by fellow blogger Meredith – – begin a four compositions series titled “Dreams & Lacer/actions: Therapeutical Haiga. This collaborative project, born from the web, delivered in this post, also celebrates my One Year Anniversary at WordPress: I began this blog exactly one year ago on May 9, 2011.

Meredith – who lives in Lafayette, Indiana (Usa) – shared a preview about my most recent images I took from torn posters and cities walls during my trips in Netherlands and Italy. And she began to create verses…            

Meredith wrote this note about this creative experience: “I sit and sit with words, slips of paper, and dreams. Several thoughts came together on this picture, so far. I see a dancer, the dazzle of her dress made brilliant by a stage light.  Her lavender skirting and stage dust shake the brilliance of movement in all directions. Also, the soft, vibrant gold reminds me of Gustav Klimt. It’s like a view from beyond a pane of glass, spotted with raindrops. The warm glow of lamplight in early morning.  A rumpled quilt of lilac blooms splatter lavender shimmers in the early light of day. These are some of my thoughts, so far… These photos bring dreams!”

The first “Lacer/actions” art piece which inspired Meredith’s verses comes from an Amsterdam street. It’s a realistic, natural and not manipulated or enhanced image. My eyes found it near a door where someone probably (and carelessly) left paint drops…

Now that spontaneous and casual scene has become a visual art piece suggesting beautiful and fascinating verses: I thank  Meredith for this collaboration which is also a particular experimentation based on colors, images, words, thoughts, emotions and sensorial perception. Yes, pictures for healingminds…


Meredith ( writes from a rich text based in theater, art, and design training. Also rooted from the soil of personal experience, Meredith writes about mental health and its challenges; her value of developing creative pursuits as part of the equation for living a satisfying life in the face of mental illness and recovery include yoga, dance, writing, and photography. 

Meredith’s professional background began in directing and choreography.  Her education in dance and theater lent equal weight to creating movement and learning projects for school children, grades K thru 12, and mentoring independent theater projects for high school students. When mental illness changed the landscape of her life, Meredith returned to school and redirected her passions toward quieter pursuits in architectural design.  Most recently, her love for writing and well-being generate roomy, new ideas about beauty and life, and she writes about mindful living from a deeper understanding.



A few days ago WordPress informed me that my blog has counted the “1.000th Like”. So, thank you so much  for your friendship, appreciation and kind support. And thanks also to my YouTube channel visitors. In the last days I got over 8.000 views for my art videoclips. If you want to glance at them, here’s the link: You’ll be welcome to the wonderful world of “Lacer/actions” videos… A world made of colors, emotions, sounds and sensorial me(a)ssages…



Qualche giorno fa WordPress mi ha informato di avere raggiunto i 1.000 “mi piace” espressi dal pubblico per questo mio Blog. E così: grazie…1.000 a tutti per l’amicizia, gli apprezzamenti e l’incoraggiamento. E grazie anche ai miei visitatori sul canale di YouTube, dove ho superato gli 8.000 downloads dei miei art videoclips. Se volete dare un’occhiata, questo è il link: . Sarete i benvenuti nel meraviglioso mondo dei videoclips di “Lacer/azioni”… Un mondo fatto di colori, emozioni, suoni e me(a)ssaggi sensoriali…


Italy, Meeting & Workshop: “Can an artwork play a “therapeutical” function?”


I already posted some articles and clips about art and healing themes. And people seemed to appreciate them (and my “Lacer/actions” images too, that art critics love to define a sort of psycho-artworks). So, I want to point out an event about these arguments. “The work of the artist and his mental health” is the title of a workshop will take place in Bologna (Italy) – at Accademia di Belle Arti, Via Belle Arti 54, Department of Communication and Art Education – on February 28, 2012. The event is promoted for the presentation of Roberto Cascone ‘s book ArTherapy. Cured by contemporary art”. The workshop is divided into three parts. In the first one Roberto Cascone will present his artistic career as a result of a mixture of everyday life and psychological problems, cause of difficulty in social relationships and at the same time incentive of creativity and professional ambitions.

The artist, who is also journalist and writer, will focuses on failures and errors, and he will show entirely or partially wrong works and operations. This chronicle of the “negative” aspects has a critical function for the artist status. It is a sort of preparation for the central part of the meeting dedicated to “ArTherapy. Cured by contemporary art” book. It was published at the end of 2007 (now out of print) and  realized since 2001 with the help of Nadia Lenarduzzi, psychologist, and Monika Redin, art director.

The question that underlines this research is concerning the function of art and a reflection on the identity and role of the contemporary artist: can an artwork play a “therapeutical” function in social and politic life?

The workshop will end in early afternoon, when participants will be invited to produce artistic ideas inspired from their psychological and existential problems. Their ideas will be a gift to some artists who have not  been yet successful (if the idea will be trasformated in work, the donor will be thanked with a courtesy formula).

 Workshop and presentation of the book are organized by prof. Maurizio Giuffredi for the teachings of the Psychology of Art and History and models of art therapy, in collaboration with Association ZeroGiKappa for the social art promotion, the International Association for Art and Psychology (Bologna), the Psicoart magazine.

 For more information:

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Ho già postato clips e note sull’arte come forma di cura. E tanti amici bloggers, tra i visitatori (già a quota 23.000) del mio WordPress, hanno apprezzato e commentato, sollecitati anche dalle immagini del mio progetto “Lacer/azioni”. Segnalo dunque volentieri che presso l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, via Belle Arti 54, Dipartimento di Comunicazione e Didattica dell’Arte, martedì 28 febbraio 2012 (ore 11 in aula lunga LSI2) è in programma uno workshop e la presentazione del volume di Roberto Cascone, “ArTherapy. Curarsi con l’arte contemporanea”. Workshop e presentazione del volume fanno parte del ciclo di incontri organizzati dal prof. Maurizio Giuffredi per gli insegnamenti di Psicologia dell’arte e Storie e modelli dell’arte terapia, in collaborazione con l’Associazione per la promozione sociale dell’arte ZeroGiKappa, l’International Association for Art and Psychology – sede di Bologna, la rivista Psicoart.

Il workshop, intitolato “Il lavoro dell’artista e la sua igiene mentale”, è articolato in tre parti. Nella prima Roberto Cascone presenterà il proprio percorso artistico, portato di un intreccio tra vita quotidiana e problemi psicologici, causa di difficoltà nelle relazioni sociali, da un lato, dall’altro stimolo di creatività ed ambizioni professionali. L’artista, che è anche giornalista e scrittore, metterà l’accento su fallimenti ed errori, mostrerà opere ed operazioni del tutto o in parte sbagliate. Questa cronaca del “negativo” ha una funzione critica e paradigmatica della condizione dell‘artista, propedeutica per parlare, nella parte centrale dell’incontro, di “ArTherapy. Curarsi con l’arte contemporanea”, libro-manuale pubblicato alla fine del 2007 (oggi esaurito), realizzato con la collaborazione fin dal 2001 della psicologa Nadia Lenarduzzi e dell’art director Monika Redin.

La domanda che sta alla base di questa ricerca riguarda la funzione dell’arte e quindi una riflessione sull’identità e sul ruolo dell’artista contemporaneo: l’opera d’arte può avere una funzione “terapeutica”, sociale e politica? Nel corso della presentazione, inoltre, si parlerà di “Trecentosessantaseigiorni“, opera dell’artista Nello Teodori ispirata all’anno bisestile, quindi verrà mostrata una breve fiction degli attori Pier Paolo Paganelli e Marco Mezzetti, che, autonomamente, hanno interpretato alcuni esercizi del libro trasformandoli in gag comiche. Il workshop si concluderà nel primo pomeriggio, quando i partecipanti saranno invitati a produrre idee artistiche a partire da propri problemi psicologico-esistenziali, con l’obiettivo, tra gli altri, di donarle ad artisti che non hanno ancora avuto successo (nel caso vengano realizzate il donatore sarà ringraziato con la formula del courtesy). L’incontro è inserito in un ciclo di eventi  a tema tra i quali la conferenza di Rebecca Luciana Russo (giovedì 23 febbraio ore 10,30-12,00 in aula magna) intitolata “VideoInsight®. Curare con l’arte contemporanea”.

Per informazioni:

Tel. 3487231023

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A few minutes ago my site stats have counted 20.000 views! I have not so much to say. Only some words: thanks for your friendship, appreciation and encouragement. When I started my WordPress blog – a few months ago – I didn’t imagine to meet so many friends and to achieve so much traffic. I entered into a new communication dimension – also respect to my own art activity – sharin’ ideas, experiences and dreams. So, Thanks again for your kind support. And thanks also to my YouTube channel visitors. Yesterday I got over 7.000 channel views and 7.100 upload views.

If you want to glance at it, here’s the link:

You’ll be the welcome to the wonderful world of “Lacer/actions” videos… A world made of colors, emotions, sounds and sensorial me(a)ssages…



Qualche minuto fa il contatore delle statistiche sugli accessi al mio blog ha segnato la quota dei 20.000 visitatori. Solo poche parole per ringraziarvi per l’amicizia, gli apprezzamenti e l’incoraggiamento. Quando ho iniziato questo blog su WordPress – pochi mesi fa – non immaginavo di potere incontrare qui tanti amici e raggiungere questi livelli di traffico in fatto di visitatori al sito. Sono entrato in una nuova dimensione della comunicazione – anche rispetto al mio genere artistico – scambiando idee, sogni ed esperienze con tantissima gente. Dunque, grazie per tutto questo appoggio. E grazie anche ai miei visitatori sul canale di YouTube. Ieri ho superato i 7.000 visitatori unici e 7.100 downlods dei miei clips. Davvero incredibile, per un canale cosi particolare. Se volete dare un’occhiata, questo è il link:

Sarete i benvenuti nel meraviglioso mondo dei videoclips di “Lacer/azioni”… Un mondo fatto di colori, emozioni, suoni e me(a)ssaggi sensoriali…




Le Artiste Boot ( at his outstanding “A Journey Through Art and History” Blog has honored my Blog by nominating it for the Sunshine Award. I thank Le Artiste Boot for his kind appreciation and for supporting my activities and art projects. As he says: “ Awards seem to have no beginning place, just seem to circulate freely, unexpectedly received.”

Yes, we may consider this kind of “web-stuff” in the way we want, but I think they are a warm expression from people and fellow bloggers who try to keep up the incommensurable value of communication and freedom, sharin’ ideas and experiences to better the world we live in.

 And now I answer the ten questions and make my nominations.


 Favorite colour: Blue

 Favorite animal: Swan

 Favorite number: 9

 Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Savona bigarade

 Facebook or Twitter? Twitt-Book

 My passion: To have passions

 Getting or giving presents? Getting joy in giving presents

 Favorite pattern: Free-form

 Favorite day of the week: Thursday

 Favorite flower: Gardenia

 My rationale for the nominees: No fixed in advance scheme or plan. I chose following my instinct. And the colors of the home pages…


All of the names on my list were met here at WordPress. Through their Blogs they post and offer stories, pictures, experiences, photos, news, poems and coloured suggestions which tickle my mind and enlighten my days… It wasn’t so easy to choose, but here are the Blogs I’ve elected to nominate at Sunshine Blog Award:

 Anyone I missed, feel welcome to join.

Anyway, this post was a good exercise to think about the incredible variety (of themes and styles) of our WordPress community.