Verses by Meredith Deerheart + Roberto Alborghetti artwork (from his Lacer/actions Project, Images of torn and decomposed posters). 

Soundtrack: “Montreal” by KJ Sawka

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The next Roberto Alborghetti Lacer/actions Show (“Colors of an Apocalypse — An Intrigue for the Eyes and Mind from Decomposed Publicity Posters “) will take place in a wonderful and impressive location: the Rocca Aldobrandesca – a XIII Century fortress in Tuscany (Piancastagnaio, Mount Amiata, Siena, Italy) – from October 6 to November 5, 2012.

The exhibition is one of the most awaited Italian events of Fall 2012 and has been organized by Piancastagnaio Municipality and Siena Territory Communities and Osa Onlus. This is one of the promo-clips created by Roberto Alborghetti for his event… So watch (and listen…!)


Lenght: 1′ 28″

Uploaded at Roberto Alborghetti YouTube (August 2012)

and incorporated channels (about 25 websites).

Extimated views so far: 15.000





  • Pure Silk Scarves / Limited-edition – Crêpe de Chine – A Three Images Series.

  • Created by Roberto Alborghetti for “Lacer/actions” Project (Images of torn posters and urban “signs”) in collaboration with Bruno Boggia Disegni (Como, Italy)

  • Sizes: width 63 cms, height 170 cms.


Silk scarf. # 1: “Shared Moods”

Silk Scarf # 2: “Nine Eleven, New York 2001″


Silk Scarf # 3: “Wind of May, ruffle my thoughts”


A three silk scarves series are now on sale at “La Bottega di Oscar” / Oscar’s Boutique. They are available in a very special limited-edition and at a special price. The silk scarves designs are  unique: they reproduce details of images concerning torn posters  captured on the cities walls around the world by Italian visual artist and reporter Roberto Alborghetti who had the idea to turn trash into an art subject (his incredible abstract pics are also trasnferred on canvases, lithographs and other materials). 

Roberto Alborghetti created and produced this particular fashion accessory with the assistance and collaboration of the internationally known textile designer Bruno Boggia, who works for the most famous international fashion stylists. Roberto Alborghetti creations have already won consents and attentions throughout the web and from medias; New York blogger Marina Chetner ( wrote that “Roberto’s torn poster art inspired silk scarves are going to be the next big fashion trend”.

 To buy them, contact: or

This special limited-edition of silk scarves is available on three designs titled: “Shared Moods”, “Nine Eleven, New York 2001”, “Winds of May, ruffle my thoughts”.


Roberto Alborghetti

Videoclip at YouTube Channel


© Roberto Alborghetti

On kind request, I’m glad to dedicate this post to “Lacer/actions” artworks I used to create GLORIOUS MORNING CLIP with the beautiful piano solo by Canadian composer and pianist Gene Emerson. When I heard her “Glorious Morning” composition I immediately thought to some of my recent artworks (images of torn poster and urban signs). I think these artworks try to interpret the sense of Gene’s piano solo inspired by a Rumi‘s ode.

Gene says : “Glorious Morning is really an ode to a beautiful, warm and sunny morning at the beginning of Spring, – after long cold winter – when the world is changing, the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. Such a great change in nature has inspired me to compose this piece. Also, I must say, I have found Rumi’s lovely poem ‘Spring Arrives’ is very close to the spirit of this piece. His poem is so much full of optimism. He throws away all dogmas, religious fanaticism and pessimism. His free spirited vision of love and passion for life is so overwhelming. Although the poem is 800 years old, but Rumi’s description of flowers and trees would never become old and it is very relevant for our Spring in 2012…”

I want to thank all the people who appreciated the videoclip throughout the web!

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Music is colour, image, movement, poetry… and a GLORIOUS MORNING too! This is the title of a great original piano solo by Gene Emerson, from Canada. Gene is a talented composer and pianist. I was really amazed and fascinated by her music. When I heard her “Glorious Morning” I immediately thought to some of my “Lacer/actions” artworks.

 And the idea to collaborate with Gene for a clip became stronger when I read her words about the meaning she gave to her beautiful piano composition.

Gene says : “Glorious Morning is really an ode to a beautiful, warm and sunny morning at the beginning of Spring, – after long cold winter – when the world is changing, the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. Such a great change in nature has inspired me to compose this piece. Also, I must say, I have found Rumi‘s lovely poem ‘Spring Arrives’ is very close to the spirit of this piece. His poem is so much full of optimism. He throws away all dogmas, religious fanaticism and pessimism. His free spirited vision of love and passion for life is so overwhelming. Although the poem is 800 years old, but Rumi’s description of flowers and trees would never become old and it is very relevant for our Spring in 2012…”


So we decided to create a videoclip, trying to mix Gene music and my artworks (images of torn posters and urban signs). I selected nine pics that recall me in some ways the  wonderful melody and the surprising Gene Emerson’s  performance. So, enjoy this video. Great music and colors for a dreamin’ and relaxing moment…

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For the past 3 years, College Battle (“CB”) has grown organically in the college market with the creation of an unprecedented music and entertainment platform.  This includes the national College Battle of the Bands competition which has awarded over $250K in prizing to top student musicians to date, and the Textbooks & Tickets Tour (“T&T”) produced with Chegg, the only free concert series exclusively for college students featuring artists such as T-Pain, Avicii, Big Boi of OutKast, Dev, Chiddy Bang, MNDR, Big Sean and many more.  The company’s year round activity provides a unique solution to the college entertainment vertical by reaching one of the most influential portions of the youth media market and economy which represents over $60 billion of spending capitol annually.

Over the course of 2011, CB visited more than 43 campuses to reach a student population of over 1.25M and garner 10M+ impressions online. Additionally, thousands of student musicians competed in the national College Battle of the Bands competition with the national finalists getting an opening slot on a T&T show. 

2012 plans include an expanded College Battle of the Bands competition (now simply known as College Battle) this spring and summer and the largest T&T Tour launch to date in August to reach over 20M college impressions, with intimate brand integration offered to sponsors and partners throughout.

College Battle is the brainchild of young music entrepreneurs Evan Shapiro and KamranV, along with Dan Costa of Campus MovieFest.  In 2007 they decided to put their passion for music and business to the test and create a college brand which not only has gone on to exceed any projections in the way of attendance and sheer numbers, but has become the catalyst for other brand extensions to a unique demographic with tons of spending power – the college student.

With the industry continuing to evolve and the world of new media heightening the opportunities for immediate satisfaction, they both knew that they had a chance to create a powerful brand.  Given the age of information exchange and collective experiences, they were convinced that they could create a leading college music brand while also discovering new  innovative talent that could otherwise go unnoticed in the crowded world of digital downloads, music promotion and emerging artist opportunities.  It was then that College Battle began to form into what is now a national tour and music competition with major sponsors.  In only a few short years they have succeeded in securing such high level partners as Chegg, GRAMMY U®, T-Mobile and others and have filled venues and college campuses around the country in what has became an unprecedented and energetic brand concept that continues to grow exponentially each year.  The College Battle competition is at the forefront of artist discovery and responsible for helping to discover popular acts that go on to secure recording contracts such as Mike Posner (Duke), Local Natives (Pepperdine) and Rozzi Crane (USC) who was just signed by Adam Levine of Maroon 5 fame and now featured on the current Hunger Games soundtrack.

This spring, College Battle launches its fourth year of competition in April.  The 2012 events bring an exciting new regional format with intimate brand integrations, a projection of 300K unique college voters and thousands of music artist participants as well as celebrity judges and a national public relations firm focusing on national exposure for the company.

Brands are constantly trying to find new ways to market to this key demographic but they usually loose sight of the new current trends and have a hard time staying ahead of the curve.    College Battle took one of the strongest cultural identifiers to college students – music – and are making it a lifestyle brand.  Through the current music market, CB has successfully found a way to stay ahead of the curve and market to college students in an organic and comfortable way and effectively give them something they can’t live without – their favorite music and an unforgettable college experience where they connect with artists themselves and other like-minded students. College Battle is the perfect strategy for the college entertainment vertical and is consistently finding new ways to provide meaningful event experiences for brands, students and artists alike.

In 2012, College Battle hits the road once again to make its mark in 40+ college markets across the United States.  Having renewed agreements with major sponsors Chegg and GRAMMY U, College Battle and the Textbooks & Tickets Tour will launch the new season with a special edition Textbooks & Tickets Tour date in Hamilton, NY with a one-of-a-kind performance by college-favorite artist Avicii on 4/20.  College Battle and Textbooks & Tickets events follow in all major markets throughout 2012, including the company’s first ever fashion and runway show integrations into select music events. 

Additional 2012 partnerships are being added.  Partners will reap the rewards of unique interactive on-campus and event experiences with college students who will aim to become natural ambassadors for the brand. In a world where money is tight, marketing is crowded and demographics are split, the high energy music enthusiasts at College Battle have created a brand which has now stood the test of time and has the history to continue to prove itself as one of  the key college brands in the nation.



USC Back-to-School Promo:



Caroline Galloway | M2M PR


Matthew Hallman | M2M PR


Julia Henry | College Battle



It’s really going around the world, gaining an amazing record of views, in all Continents.

It’s MYDADDY (WOUNDED SO MUCH) clip, which shows pupils talking about accidents at work that involve their parents. The video is dedicated to the 10th edition of “First in Safety”, an Italian social campaign sponsored by Rossini Trading Spa, Anmil  and Okay! Magazine. All this is an interesting and unusual phenomenon. A short and poor video – not supported by media productions or by hundreds of thousands of euro investements – is shared by dozens and dozens of websites, which have embedded it also through YouTube.

MYDADDY (WOUNDED SO MUCH)  clip is an original and particular contribution given to one of the most dramatic phenomena affecting Italy and even the so called civilized world.


1,170 deads. And over 775,000 injuries. These are the numbers of the dramatic “war report” about a year (2011) of accidents at works in Italy. These numbers are impressive. As if we were at war. For this reason it is urgent to raise voice and the guard. Even with a message. How it does “MYDADDY”, a delicate and passionate videoclip which supports “FIRST IN SAFETY” (Primi in Sicurezza”) a national social campaign for the prevention of accidents at work which invites schools and young people to face the problem. This campaign – at its 10th edition – is promoted by ROSSINI TRADING Spa, ANMIL (the italian Association for injured people) and OKAY! monthly magazine. It’s unique in Italy and Europe and maybe in the global world (at least for continuity, originality and effectiveness). “MyDaddy” clip – created by Roberto Alborghetti – was made with the collaboration of “P.Mazzi” Primary School and Piancastagnaio Municipality (Siena) and Osa Onlus Association. So, thanks to the pupils who participated to the video production in a spontaneous and improvised way.

Here we point out only some of the links to related sites that are sharing the clip, which is online at Youtube and Vodpod!)



A few days ago WordPress informed me that my blog has counted the “1.000th Like”. So, thank you so much  for your friendship, appreciation and kind support. And thanks also to my YouTube channel visitors. In the last days I got over 8.000 views for my art videoclips. If you want to glance at them, here’s the link: You’ll be welcome to the wonderful world of “Lacer/actions” videos… A world made of colors, emotions, sounds and sensorial me(a)ssages…



Qualche giorno fa WordPress mi ha informato di avere raggiunto i 1.000 “mi piace” espressi dal pubblico per questo mio Blog. E così: grazie…1.000 a tutti per l’amicizia, gli apprezzamenti e l’incoraggiamento. E grazie anche ai miei visitatori sul canale di YouTube, dove ho superato gli 8.000 downloads dei miei art videoclips. Se volete dare un’occhiata, questo è il link: . Sarete i benvenuti nel meraviglioso mondo dei videoclips di “Lacer/azioni”… Un mondo fatto di colori, emozioni, suoni e me(a)ssaggi sensoriali…



A special preview about the Official poster created for the next Roberto Alborghetti Lacer/actions Show. The exhibition will take place in an enchanting and wonderful location: a XIII Century fortress in the heart of Tuscany (Italy). It’s already announced as one of the most awaited events of 2012.

From September 27 to November 4, 2012, at Rocca Aldobrandesca, Piancastagnaio, Siena, Tuscany. Organized by local Municipality and Siena Territory Communities and Associations.

Check out the videoclip:

Vodpod: next-laceractions-show

At Youtube – Special preview clip

At Animoto – Lacer-actions Show at the castle

Una speciale anteprima sul poster ufficiale relativo alla  prossima mostra delle “Lacer/azioni” di Roberto Alborghetti, in programma nella suggestiva Rocca Aldobrandesca (sec. XIII) di Piancastagnaio (Siena). Dal 27 settembre al 4 novembre 2012. Promuove il Comune di Piancastagnaio con enti e associazioni.


“Wow! It’s hot! It’s hot! It’s hot”: these are the words that composer, musician, producer and performer Sweet P emailed me after the view of our clip “Shake your dreams (Shake your club)”. A clip created at the distance of 9.718 kms… He lives in Los Angeles (CA), me in Milan area (Italy). But technologies today do miracles… We have already collaborated in 2010 for the “(Hip)Pop” clip (a sort of homage to the great pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, 1923-1997). The new clip soundtrack (“Shake your club”) is taken from the recent Sweet P album (“Superbad”). Pop and Abstract pics – coming from my collection of Images of Torn (publi)City– are mashed up with the capturing Sweet P sound which fuses R’n’B, Soul and Hip Hop. See him in action, while he’s working on the piece, in his home studio (below the link). I think this guy – who writes, performs, composes and produces for his own – deserves attention and success!

Clip YouTube:



“They didn’t believe in me but I believed in myself!”: Sweet P The Entertainer is music producer, singer, songwriter, engineer and performer.  He began his musical journey in the gritty projects of Griffin, GA USA (one hour south of Atlanta, Georgia) and this is where his ears where first tickled by the sweet melodic sounds of Bob Marley, George Benson, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Prince and Michael Jackson. It was around the age of 12 when he began to expand his music palette by listening to and developing a love for light rock artist’s & bands. His many influences led him to pursue a career as a recording artist performing in thousands of showcases where he began to craft his artistic abilities. He joined various singing groups in his local area along with his brother who was at the time a hot budding young music producer. He performed in talent shows, nightclubs and parties throughout the city of “Hotlanta”. He soon found himself producing music for other local artist as well as for the various singing groups he performed with. He decided to head to college where he’d take up Classical & Jazz Piano along with Acoustic Guitar for the next five years to further his musical abilities.

After years of honing his vocals, live performance, music production, engineering & songwriting skills he moved to Los Angeles.  He’s currently establishing himself as one of the hottest independent artist/producer’s on the local scene as well as on the internet. He’s not only produced Hip-Hop for young rappers but also R&B, Pop and Rock music for budding vocalist. Sweet P has sold over 35,000 records independently all over the streets of America within a span of about four years! Sweet P created the “” website to allow the world to come and see what he can bring to the table as a musician and as well as an Artist/Entertainer. “Superbad” is his new album.

SWEET P creating “Shake The Club” song